Thursday, April 30, 2009

jumpers and dresses

I had fun playing dress up yesterday!! Some of these things will end up in my shop by the end of the day - I thought I would post them here first so if anyone likes something they see, they will know ahead of time! Most of these dresses are too big on me. I'm not entirely sure what size I am (is that sad or a good thing?) but these are probably all something like a size extra large in "juniors" clothing. That's just an estimate though - you'd have to check the measurements!

I finally got around to cleaning Mr. Bunny (from an estate sale last week) and wearing him in my hair. I really like him! He's a keeper.

And this green dress... Oh, I'm undecided on this one! It didn't look too bad on me- a little big, but not ridiculously so. And I really like this color, so I'm going to hold onto it for a while!

Remember that picnic dress? I believe this blue dress is made from the same pattern! In fact, there's another one just like it which has an amazing pattern (containing rabbits and peacocks!) which I haven't taken pictures of yet. I think I'm also going to sell the picnic dress because I have mostly decided I will probably never wear it in public!

This dress is a little bit too pink, in my opinion. But I like the pockets!

Here's another handmade dress that was probably used for working in the garden-- I know the woman who made it and I'm sure that's what she did with it! The collar is big and floppy like puppy ears. Somehow I find it charming.

I'll work on getting these listed in the shop! Be sure and check there if you're interested! I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday.


  1. You always look so amazing in these dresses! The high neckline and sleeves really suit you. Unfortunately on me I look like a big weirdo because of my body shape :(

  2. I really like the green one you! I agree with Ana, all the dresses suit you well.

    Thank you so much for the support on Scott's book! I told him a fellow blogger was reading it and he asked a million questions, he couldn't believe you were reading it just to read it!

    I will make sure to pass on the review to him! Thanks!

  3. You're Mr. Bunny is just lovely! *

  4. I love your bunny! Definite keeper. The dresses are very nice too, really like the pink one... :)

  5. Cute, cute dress and that little hair pin is adorable too.

  6. you are so cute. wonderful outfits

  7. that last one is so perfect, dresses really suit you


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