Friday, April 10, 2009

another rainy day

I've got to stop trying to predict the weather and start checking it beforehand!! I imagined (falsely, again) that after a day as lovely as yesterday, we might get some more sunshine. I thought it might be a good day to take pictures by the pretty trees at the library, so you don't get the idea that I never leave the house. We made it out for groceries this morning, but on the way home the tornado sirens had started up, and it began pouring rain. Maybe it will magically clear up? We'll see!

dress - Forever 21
slip - flea market
bag - thrifted

There has been one nice surprise -- my bracelet from Stamp arrived!! It's the most modern piece of jewelry I own now. It's so simple and pretty. Courtesy of The Bright Side Project!

Oh, and one other sweet surprise! Since I had mentioned some shoes from jessjamesjake, Jess has started her own blog and she mentioned me in the first post! Lots of vintage fashion inspiration over there, so go take a peek!


  1. I love the rain, but yes, when you have plans for the sun, it does ruin it.

    I love that piece. It is more modern, but it looks timeless

  2. I love your bag.
    That bracelet is very pretty.


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