Tuesday, April 7, 2009

party dresses, part 2: realistically

Although my blog post about party dresses yesterday was pretty dreamy, none of those dresses are within my reach. However, I do happen to have a handful of party dresses sitting on my couch right now. These are the 3 lovely dresses that I bought at the estate sale last Friday. I'm in love with parts of each one, but they're still going into my Etsy shop tomorrow. I wasn't going to show them until then, but I'm impatient because they're so cute!!

I love the cut and color of this dress...

..but the 3-tiered puffy sleeves are a bit much!

The aptly named maxi dress. I am 5'6" and standing on my tiptoes.

But isn't it adorable?

Like the Peter Pan collar and the bow-belt...

..but this dress screams "witch costume" to me.

So! They'll all be up for sale tomorrow. I wish I could find more dresses like these that I actually wanted to keep!! I don't own many dresses that stand alone as a good outfit-- most of them have to be layered with something to look nice.


  1. Oh--I adore the details on the black dress and that maxi dress is such a great color--if I got it I would hem it down to a mini. I mini-size nearly everything it seems...

  2. I am so sad for you! I wish you could keep all of these, they look so good on you! I hope whoever buys it enjoys it as much as you do!

  3. The details on the black dress are wonderful!! I love the hem on it.

  4. I love the blue one!


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