Friday, February 26, 2010

around the yard

Happy Friday!! We're not entirely done moving into the house, but I thought I'd take a little break to share some pictures. The inside is a bit crowded with boxes, so these are mainly from outside. I'm so excited to finally have a yard and I keep noticing new details all the time.

The view from the kitchen sink..

Tiny little pine cones! They're about 1 inch tall & are EVERYWHERE! I like 'em.

So many birds... This one's not the cutest I've seen, but I liked the picture.

Look who I saw this morning! And immediately after, it snowed for a few minutes. Magic!

Haha, I've been looking out the windows a lot! I was at home alone all day yesterday waiting for the internet people to come set everything up, and I got really bored... There's no lack of things to do, but constantly organizing is a little tiresome! We've spent 2 nights in the house already, but I don't think it will feel like we really live here until we get everything settled into the right place.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

an end to the complaints!

You can all stop commiserating with my sorrows now. :)

Everything was settled this evening with the house and we have the keys now! We also have a bunch of Girl Scout cookies, thanks to our realtor. In the end, everything turned out all right. Better than all right, maybe!

Tomorrow will be our big moving day... so I'll be quiet for a while now, but should be back with plenty of house pictures in the next few days!


A little rose plant I bought for the new house last week... which is still not in the house.

All of that optimism and problem-ignoring last week didn't really help me out -- we still haven't got our house. Thursday afternoon we were informed that there was going to be a delay because of some paperwork, and then Friday we found out it wouldn't happen until the next week. Yesterday we were led to believe that it might occur, but now it's been pushed back to this afternoon... and still there are no guarantees.

You can imagine what a nuisance it's been. This past weekend we had so much planned, and we had to cancel everything. Now, if we get the house today (or tomorrow, or whenever), instead of Robert's family coming up on the weekend to help like they'd planned to, it will be during the middle of the week. So unless we get any volunteers who don't have to work normal days, it will be just me and Robert moving all of our furniture. As my mom says, I'm "weak as a kitten" so this should be really exciting. Oh, not to mention it was a beautiful, WARM weekend, and now it's rainy and cold again. It would have been lovely to move a couple of days ago.

Unfortunately, since we're so good at organizing, we're already paying the utility bills for the house and our mail is going there as well. The only thing getting in our way is, y'know, paperwork and the fact that we don't have keys to the place. It's all fairly set in stone, but this scheduling and rescheduling is starting to get quite outrageous.

SO, hopefully I'll have some really neat pictures to share with you soon, but until then I'm just going to be sulking around our apartment and being continually disappointed while the title company leisurely screws up our schedule If it happens again today, I'm not sure what I'll do. Probably more of the same, since I've come to realize that my attitude can in no way affect the outcome of this situation. Agh, bureaucracy!

Sorry for whining. I've been trying to hold back in hopes that I'd have nice news soon, but.. nope. The reason this is such a big deal is that we're supposed to be out of our apartment by the end of this upcoming weekend. So each day this is delayed means a bigger time crunch for us and the moving schedule.

One good thing about today: I just figured out why my pictures have been so blurry lately when I make them big on here! That shouldn't be a problem anymore - if you feel like it go back a bit and look at how much clearer my pictures are now (for example: this post was totally blurry before). This post by Pip at Meet Me At Mike's is to thank!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

what i need right now... one of these vintage owl cookie jars. Full of some delicious cookies, of course! Today is turning out to be a little bit stressful - let's do some owl therapy! Haha, seriously, every time I get stressed out it really helps to go to Etsy and just put in some exciting keywords ("owl cookie jar" or "dinosaur robot" or "oxford heels") and just browse away my cares!

Winking Owl! - $42 from PotKettleBlack

Exciting owl! - $55 from iamthemandy

Art Deco Owl! - $100 from RetroRedeux

I think all of these guys are amazing. And I'm glad to know the winking owl is out there -- my mother-in-law has the exact same cookie jar in a lighter cream color!

Hope you're all having a better Thursday than I am! Let's not speak of my problems and perhaps they'll go away. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a little etsy update

I'm sorry there hasn't been too much of interest or substance on my blog lately: there is a crazy amount of packing and moving-related stuff going on over here! We're doing one final walk through the house tomorrow and then signing closing documents on Friday. Yep, in 3 days Robert and I will be homeowners! We are already planning our first night in the house: it's a celebration between the two of us that will hopefully involve some Girl Scout cookies.

I promise to share some pictures as soon as I can! It's not my house yet so I don't feel comfortable creeping about with a camera (though I'm sure that's perfectly normal), but soon... Ooh, let me give you some teasers: built in 1962, hardwood floors, exciting paint colors. Use your imagination!

Now, enough daydreaming. I've done one last mini update in my Etsy shop. Some of these things have finally come out of the what-should-I-do-with-this pile and made it into the shop!

This dress!

This skirt!

This apron!

This rain coat!

This dress!

I will be putting my shop into vacation mode on Thursday evening and it won't be back up until things are settled at the new place. So if you're interested in any of these things, go ahead and buy them so I don't have to move them to the new house. Haha!

Oh, oh! And can I just tell you about how brave and strong Robert is? He slipped on the ice while biking today and got all banged up (physically + busted his new cell phone). However, he continued his trek to work (it's 4 miles each way) and stayed there all day. I think I would have cried a lot about it. But again, he's manly!! :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

sweet love!

I love weekends.

Look what Robert brought home for me! A big ol' cupcake from Gigi's!

This is my submission for Anna's Much Love Monday: RED project!

Of course, it had to endure a bike ride in a backpack...

And it eventually toppled. But I'm about to eat it and I'm sure it will be delicious!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and a happy Valentine's Day on Sunday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

the storque!

Today is becoming quite exciting: one of the items from my etsy shop was featured in a library-themed article on The Storque! This is something I realized after making 2 sales (which was equal to half of my stock at the time.. haha) and receiving 3 random messages that just contained questions or compliments about my shop.

While my shop hovers in the spotlight briefly, I'm trying to get as many new items added as I can. I know I've been a bit lazy about things, and this is a big push in the right direction.

For any of you who have just discovered my blog because of the Storque feature: Hello! Thank you so much for visiting and saying nice things.

Check out the feature here. I hope everyone else is having a nice Thursday! Mine has been full of pleasant surprises.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

keeping busy

I haven't got anything visually exciting to share today, but I thought a "hello" was in order. I've been keeping pretty busy lately. How are all of you? Here are some things I've been up to..

Wearing tights all the time. It's still snowy around here!

Trying out a new hairstyle for blah days -- It's really easy: just put your hair up in a ponytail and then tuck it back through .. if that makes sense! Even as the day wears on and it gets messy, it looks cute.

I helped Robert clean out his closet and then commandeered some of his unwanted pullover sweaters.

Here's the big reveal: notice what's going on in this last photo? Packing! If you've been reading my blog for the last year, you've already seen me go through 2 moves... but this one is different! I've almost mentioned it a couple of times here, but it seems like if I discuss it too much, I might burst the bubble! ("What bubble?" you ask. The imaginary bubble around the house we're about to buy, of course. It's a fragile thing!) I am incredibly excited, as you can imagine. It's not 100% final yet, but it should be by the end of next week, and we're going to start moving in immediately. So I've got a lot to do! I hope you won't mind if I'm a bit scarce. I will share more when I can!

Friday, February 5, 2010

happy shoes

A little while ago, Anne at a cup full of sunshine tagged me with the Happy 101 award. I'm supposed to list 10 things that make me happy. I started out doing that, but felt that things were getting a little repetitious. So I decided to cheat, and I hope no one minds -- I'm going to show 10 pairs of shoes from Etsy that make me happy!

These are in no particular order. I didn't even pay attention to size or price, because I'm in no position to be spending money on shoes at the moment. Feel free to buy any of these and then take lovely pictures in them so I can live vicariously through you! (Click the pictures to go to the listings.)

Saddle shoes!

Ah, the beads on the ends of the laces!

Exciting boots!

Fancy wingtips!

The embroidered Zodiac logo is killing me with cuteness..

So snappy and bright.

Perfectly awesome.

Aren't these beautiful?

Totally ideal boots.

A sweet pair of wedges.

Ahh, wasn't that nice? Ogling shoes is just therapeutic for me, somehow! I found all of these a couple of days ago when I was doing some comparative pricing for a pair of shoes I listed in my shop. I became highly distracted, as you may have guessed. Happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the snowy weekend

Things have begun to melt and thaw out, but everything around here is so slippery that schools are still closed! This past weekend was really long and relaxing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Caught up on sleep, compulsively worked crossword puzzles, ate too many snacks, and went on a few adventures in the snow. Since this is the South and no one knows how to handle snow, most people chose to go places on foot instead of driving. I think the snow got more people outside. I don't know what's with that, but I suppose it just feels like a bizarre phenomenon that must be experienced full-on! I seriously haven't seen snow like this in at least 10 years.

There was just a little bit of snow at first.

And then suddenly, everything was covered!

We went on daytime walks..

..and a nighttime visit to the cemetery! I wanted to experiment with flash. Spooky!

LOVE this. I haven't even seen this one in daylight before.

Everything had a perfect layer of ice.

And as if the sidewalk wasn't already slippery enough, look what we found! It made me laugh.

Another fun thing about this weekend was talking to neighbors. Robert and I are sort of hermits most of the time, but something about crazy weather seems to get everyone outside and talking. This happens in Texas around hurricane time too: everybody starts working together and having dinner together and playing outside in the crazy weather. I love it. Something about temporary inconveniences -- electricity going out, not being able to drive, school/work being canceled -- is just dead exciting. As long as there's not too much damage and nobody gets hurt, of course! This weekend was one of those nice little pockets of inconvenience that turns out to be exciting.