Monday, April 13, 2009

umbrellas and raincoats

[click to enlarge]

I've been playing with Poster Sketch on Etsy. You can visit my favorites if you want to take a closer look at any of those items! Obviously, rain is on my mind again today. We're under another tornado watch! That's been happening every couple of days lately (and people have actually been getting killed by tornadoes, which is not good).

In the last couple of days I've realized how much I'm enjoying this time off from "the real world." Robert had a job interview this morning and it made me so sad to see him drive off! I really like having him around. I imagine this is how mothers feel when their children go to school for the first time. Only he's 28 [edit: almost 28 - not until next month!]. Well, it can't last forever! 2 months of this has been nice.


  1. haha, i had to LOL at that because i know how it is. I love what you chose as your favorites! Etsy should get on the ball and let people "friend" each other.

  2. great selection! I think the apron is really cute :)

  3. Why are the tornadoes killing people? They should watch it!

    And etsy lets you favorite people... which is cool. I'd rather it didn't turn into just another social networking sites.

    A cooler feature would be like... business partners, where you can offer deals for both shops, or have ads for each others shops, or suggest items to buy together.


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