Wednesday, April 8, 2009

sharing the love

I decide prices for items in my shop based on similar items that are available on Etsy. Frequently, while I'm doing this comparative-searching, I run across things that I absolutely adore. Instead of buying them all up for myself, it seems only fair that I share them with you. Here are a few amazing pairs of shoes from my favorites list.

$19 at Kinfauns$16 at luxevintage

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I love them all! Why are shoes so fun to look at? Anyway, I'm going to try to get those dresses from yesterday's post into my Etsy shop today!

By the way, Ambika from (Into) the Fray made the cutest post about a skirt she bought from me! I can't believe I just now saw that! It makes me very happy and I'd love to see more follow-ups like that. Thanks, Ambika!


  1. Those patent red ones are so cool! I am on the hunt for blue shoes this spring. :)

  2. I know these are vintage, but they have such a modern feel to them! Great eye and I did see Ambika's post!

  3. I want the red patent ones. NOW!

  4. kind of in love with the pink ones.

  5. Haha, when I tried to scroll down my computer got stuck and those pink boots seemed about 30 feet long.

    I LOVE that blue dress you've put in your shop. I LOVE IT. Would that fit me?


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