Sunday, April 12, 2009

lunch on the back porch

It's beautiful outside today!! We took advantage of the weather by having lunch on the back porch. It was a little bright since the sun was directly overhead and we didn't have a source of shade, but it was fun anyway.

We have these great 60s green folding chairs that Robert's mom gave us!

We bought some egg rolls and Robert made a really yummy spicy peanut sauce.

Then he took pictures of me eating when he was done. Lovely!

"You're going to love these pictures," he told me. Hmm.

Earlier today I was pretending that I had [lopsided] short hair. And that it was the 1940s.

Now that I've been out in the sunshine for a while, I think I'm ready to settle in and [for real this time] update my Etsy shop. I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter weekend!


  1. Lovely blouse. A meal outside sounds (and looks!) so lovely.

  2. The sun! I had no idea your hair was even that color! I love your top and especially the food you ate! :)

  3. The rocks aren't really doing anything I guess, they're along a trail in the woods at my school.


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