Saturday, May 2, 2009

walking to the library

On a typical day, Robert and I walk to the library near our apartment. And by "typical" I do mean "nearly every day." It gives us something to do when we have nowhere else to go, and we feel nice getting some exercise in. Plus, Robert reads A LOT. He reads when he's cooking, he reads in the bathroom (even when he's going #1!), he reads while he's playing video games... He is an amazing multi-tasker, and he always needs new books to read. Sometimes when we walk there, I bring my camera. It's a very nice walk.

Heyyyyy.... I'm silly looking!

Do you see this squirrel? I like squirrels.

Not only am I in love with clover, but check out this mushroom thing!

Last time we were at the library, I decided to look for a book. It normally takes me a couple of weeks to read a book, because I don't read as persistently as Robert. I'm more of a leisure reader. Anyhow, I'd run out of things to read and then I remembered something: Diana's husband has written a book! My library had it and I checked it out. Do you know how cool it feels to check out a book when you kinda sort know the guy who wrote it (or at least kinda sorta know his wife)? Pretty cool! I was also happy to see Diana's name credited inside the back cover for the author's picture. "I know her! I know her!!!" I wanted to tell the world. (That's only a slight exaggeration, but I appear to be doing that just now.)

I finished the book in a couple of days. I have to say it's definitely worth reading! When I told Diana I was reading it, she said Scott couldn't believe it and wanted to know why! Why? Is there a reason anyone wouldn't want to read it? No. In fact, this book is highly entertaining and informative! It's basically a bunch of memoirs from working in public libraries. Since I'm such a good library patron, I found the stories to be very interesting. I've never had to work with the public, so I didn't realize how many crazy people there are who do scary things. Also, there's a whole chapter near the end of the book [SPOILER ALERT] where he meets Diana and they fall in love and stuff (my synopsis is not doing this any justice). That is SO CUTE. Every once in a while there were too many footnotes on a page (though they were mostly great additions to the narrative), and sometimes things got a little repetitive (mostly the message about libraries being a community), but honestly I have no major complaints! A little bit gross, quite funny, somewhat touching - overall a good read.

Now, I think most of you know Diana, at least through blogging. Anyone else read Scott's book? WHY NOT? He seems pretty awesome to me!


  1. That book sounds so interesting! I really want to read a novel from someone I know one day--or write my own. :)

  2. How cool is that!? I'd be excited too if I found that book here. Aww, I want to read it just to read about how he meets Diana (hehe, sorry for sounding so nosey, Diana!).

    You look cute in that picture, btw :)

  3. I'm actually in the middle of reading it! And crap, I read your spoiler! For some stupid reason, my brain doesn't listen to spoiler alert warnings.

    I've been an avid fan of Scotts' public dispatches on McSweeney's for a while but just picked up the book the other day! I'm a bad fan.

  4. Your library walks sound like such fun, I love going to the library but it isn't close enough to walk to (unfortunately). I love squirrels but there's a squirrel who lives in the tree in front of my house and he barks at me whenever I water the lawn. He has me slightly traumatized now :) I'm going to have to find Diana's husband's book very soon now... I'm with Muchlove on the nosey part! Sounds très romantique! Thank you for sharing... xo

  5. Oh Rebecca, you are too gorgeous for words. I love this review of Diana's hubby's book! It makes me curious too. And how gorgeous she has a chapter written about her by her husband. That makes me intensely happy. You're too lovely!

  6. Well it sounds like you wasted three days of your life that you will never get back...sorry for that; but at least you liked the book, so I won't complain! Thanks for read...I will now add you to the list of people who have read it: Diana, my mom, and, though I have my doubts, my Dad

  7. Rebecca, you are so sweet and I am so grateful you liked it! I'm still not used to people mentioning how cool it is but I love your review. It is really honest and genuine, and I see Scott is being a bit modest about your post! I will be posting about you posting about this (lol) this week! Thanks again!

  8. oh! ps. do you play video games too? or is it just your husband?

  9. love the photos that went with the story! i couldnt really see the squirrel at all at first and then all of a sudden pop there he was! cute pics


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