Tuesday, May 29, 2012

roadtripping baby

Tiny baby napping in huge hotel bed

We are back from our little road trip to Memphis!  It went SO much better than I could have imagined!  I had no idea what to expect from Audrey when it came to the long car drive (about 3 and a half hours) and sleeping out of town.  But Audrey seems to have inherited my love of a good road trip, and she seemed pleased as punch to be in the car.  I'm sure it helped that Robert was in the back seat with her, ready to do anything necessary to make her happy!  We only stopped for lunch on the way there and back -- no other emergencies.

This is going to sound incredibly cheesy, but I feel like we came back a stronger family, more prepared for anything!  It was like a trust exercise out in the wilderness.  Sort of.  Sort of not.  I learned that I did not need to pack quite so much, though I should have had extra pants handy: we did have one little leak, which resulted in Audrey not wearing pants for the rest of the day.. oops.)  Once we got to Robert's parents' house, I learned a lot about letting go of control, and letting other people enjoy caring for Audrey.  There's just this overwhelming urge to do EVERYTHING for her, but I had to accept that her grandparents have that too, and since they don't get as much time with her I should welcome the break and let them go at it.  So I did!  Once we saw that she went down for a nap easily there (in her pack 'n play), and was having a blast playing with everyone, we.... let her stay the night!  Without us!

And OH what an awful night it was.  Not for Audrey - she slept great!  Robert and I were a mess.  We were awake at midnight, at 4 a.m., wondering what she was up to, if she was okay, if she was sleeping.  We made ourselves stay in bed until 5:30 and then got up to get ready and go see her!!  So much for a restful night alone, huh?  There was nothing to be worried about -- her grandparents took great care of her -- but we just can't relax unless we can hear her breathing, I guess.  I hope we get over that soon!

All in all it was a great weekend, and I will be posting more pictures and details soon!  Audrey had a lot of firsts, and Robert had a nice birthday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

High On Thrifting Thursday [vol. 2]

Last week we went on a little thrifting trip as a family!  I was going to go alone, but talked Robert into coming since I wasn't planning to spend a lot of time there.  He gets soooo bored if I'm looking at clothes, but this time I was going to do a quick glance at furniture and baby clothes.  Nothing that requires too much time! That is probably one of my favorite things about baby clothes: you don't have to try them on.  Most of the time, everything works out peachy.  (Though those green shorts are definitely a bit snug on Audrey for being "6-12 months" - hmph!)

Some basics for Audrey

I just packed away all of Audrey's 3 month clothes since she fits into 6 month now...  Which means there is A LOT of room in her closet.  We mainly seemed to amass newborn and 3 month sized clothes before she was born. We have a fair amount of clothes that fit her now, but after this stage the selection is pretty thin -- I probably have a handful of items in each of the next few sizes.  SO!  I'm on the hunt for 9 & 12 month clothes, because baby needs to stay dressed!  (Although I suppose it would be socially acceptable for her to just hang out in a diaper, but that's kinda sad.)  So I grabbed a bunch of basic clothes for her that I know we'll be using in just a little while. 

Baby included for size comparison

While I was pawing through the baby clothes,  Robert and Audrey found a puzzle they wanted.  I held Audrey while Robert opened the box and counted out all the pieces.  "Sorry," he said, "I'm a puzzlehound."  TRUTH.  Anyway, it's a Melissa & Doug floor puzzle!  In perfect condition... for a dollar?  Yay!

Robert also found a couple of books he wanted, and all of this totaled up to less than $10! We're still not exactly sure how that happened, but we were pleased.  It made me want to say, "good prices," which is something I've started doing after hearing Robert muttering that to himself at the grocery store check out.  You guys, he's going to make the cutest little old man in the world one day.  He's practicing so hard.

Scored any good deals lately?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

6 months

A day old

It's hard to believe that 6 months ago today, I was in the middle of labor.  It feels like it's been much, much longer... a whole world away.  And yet the days, weeks and months are beginning to fly!

I can't believe my little baby is half a year old.  This is definitely a very fun age.  We pretty much play and cuddle all day.  She still usually wakes up once a night, but it doesn't really bother me anymore.  I've just accepted that it's going to happen...

Audrey has been going developmentally bonkers lately.  She's getting the hang of crawling, though she hasn't realized it exactly.  She's better at turning and going in reverse.  She has also begun to pull up into a standing position, which is pretty startling.  She just wants to climb EVERYTHING. 

Today is ALSO our 4 year wedding anniversary!!  I think it's pretty handy that Audrey's half birthday falls on our anniversary, and our half anniversary will fall on her birthday.  (Not that we've ever celebrated a half anniversary, but... why not?  It's so easy to remember now!)  We exchanged sappy cards this morning and we're going to see how the evening goes.  We may go walk around our little downtown, if the conditions are right!  If our little friend isn't cooperating, we may just hang out in the backyard.  Chocolate will be involved, for sure.  No pressure!

6 months old!

This week was made for partying.  We're heading out for Memphis on Friday to visit Robert's family, and Saturday is his birthday.  I'm a bit nervous about our first stay out of town with Audrey, but I'm hoping everything will go well and we'll have a good time!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I love my little family

My two favorite people!

It seems really lucky that I get to live with my two favorite people in the world and see them all the time.  I'll admit that Audrey has not always been in the Top 2.  But she is definitely there now!  She actually cheered me up this morning when I was feeling down; she has become a REAL person!  Hanging out with a newborn can leave you a little lonely, but once the baby knows how to smile and laugh and practically crawl into your lap...  She is definitely very dear to me. We tell each other jokes by growling and making puppy noises.  Yesterday, "woof" was the funniest thing she'd ever heard.

And ohmigosh, I can't even brag about Robert enough.  I won't even try.  But look, he wrote me this story for Mother's Day.  We read it over breakfast (homemade cinnamon rolls!) and it totally made me cry.  You don't have to read it, and I don't even know if it will be impressive to anyone else because it's so personal (and also steeped in duck metaphors).  But it was just the sweetest thing ever.  I am so lucky to have found this guy.  Where did he even come from!?  He's probably not even human.

Sorry for posting about mother's day twice in a row!  I had something else planned but it kind of fell through... Maybe later! 

P.S.!!  That necklace I'm wearing?  Robert also got me two wooden teething necklaces from here so that I can wear jewelry now (and it's totally fine if Audrey tries to eat it)!  Pretty neat!

P.P.S. Robert doesn't just happen to be an amazing gift-giver...  I requested both the necklaces and a story!  (And he was sweet enough to oblige.)  I like to give hints about what I want.  Only way you'll ever get it.  :) 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!


It's my first Mother's Day!  So far, it's a pretty good day.  Robert has been 100% on board with making things easy and fun for me.  Audrey didn't get the memo.  But I suppose I can forgive her.... She is awfully cute.

Mother's Day was always one of those holidays that I didn't appreciate as a kid.  What's in it for me?  Seemed like a waste!  HAHA.  It wasn't until I had a baby that I suddenly realized how hard mothers work.  It actually overwhelmed me, in the early days, to think about all the mothers before me having to go through such hardships.  Babies are HARD WORK.  It sounds obvious, but I never really quite understood until I was dealing with one 24/7.  She is a total treasure, but man.... I deserve presents.  And treats!  And pampering!

I'm totally on board with Mother's Day now.  Happy Mama's Day to all of you out there with little ones!  And those of you who aren't moms... don't forget to appreciate your own!  She worked hard to take care of you.

Monday, May 7, 2012

a new place to play

 Ooops, I didn't post for a whole week!  And I thought I was getting pretty good at posting twice a week.  I guess it doesn't really matter.  The reason I've been a little quiet online is that I've been having some real life fun, playing with Audrey. She's becoming a fun little play mate! I made some improvements to her bedroom last week.  A bigger, more active baby needs ROOM to play.

What the corner looked like, pre-baby! (And pre-good lighting?)
We originally had a rocking chair in this corner.  Everyone said a rocking chair was an essential part of the nursery, but to be honest we didn't use it much.  Audrey is not a rocking baby... she is a BOUNCING baby.  If she wants movement, she demands a lot of movement that generally requires standing up.  We also have a little comfy sofa on the other side of her room that has been an amazing place to sit with her during night feedings (and to sleep on occasionally, for those really rough nights).  So the rocking chair ended up being something that I just stacked baby clothes on...It was getting messy. 

 We'd been finding ourselves sitting on the floor a lot with Audrey, and generally we would just put down a blanket to sit on.  The main purpose of the blanket was to catch spit up.. because Audrey is still very much spitting up a lot.  So we had scattered blankets around, and that was also looking messy.  Enter... the Tadpoles Dino Playmat Set!  I knew Audrey would need a better place to play and practice crawling.  Something she could get a grip on, rather than a slippery hardwood floor or blanket.  And of course we went for the dinosaur pattern.  It was clearly the best.

So, the rocking chair was moved into the den, where I think it will ultimately see more use.  And the play mat was assembled in the corner by the book/toy shelf.  And so far it has been a great success!  We spend a lot of time playing there.  It is much, much easier on adult knees than the hard floor.  (Aaaannd... probably better to fall back on for Audrey, too.)  When she spits up on it, we can easily wipe it clean instead of having to wash a blanket.  This has solved a lot of little problems for us!

Aside from chewing on everything, Audrey is really into peekaboo these days.  It's pretty good.  It has become our new life goal to make her laugh, because it's the BEST little sound.  I'm thinking about trying to attach a mirror to the wall next to the bookshelf, so that she can see herself.  Baby In The Mirror is a really cool kid, and Audrey is always pleased to see her.

P.S. After a night and day of grumpiness, I realized that Audrey is getting another tooth.  This is her third, all on the bottom.  None of them have popped through yet.  No wonder she's been a little grouch!  I wish they would come on through...

P.P.S. What have I missed while I was away?!