Sunday, April 19, 2009

watermelon weekend

Despite all of the festivals and events I mentioned on Friday, we didn't really do much of anything on Saturday! It just turned out to be one of those days. We drank some watermelon juice on the back porch and went to the library. Nothing too exciting!

Yum yum. Just blend up some watermelon.

I think I prefer eating it to drinking it, though... just as a texture thing.

Today has been the complete opposite of yesterday. I woke up to some sweet emails and a couple of Etsy orders [opposite of yesterday where I had to give a refund because an item never arrived...]. Then I went to work. Yes, work! I worked 4 hours at a paint-your-own pottery studio today. I really liked it and hopefully it will turn into something long-term! However, I'm really tired from being on my feet the whole time and I just want to relax this evening.

Denise left me a comment yesterday asking how I do my hair. The thought of actually doing a tutorial on it made me laugh, because it's basically a natural disaster that I try to maintain. However, I am very happy she likes my hair and I'll tell you a little about it in case you're curious! Here are the basics: my hair is curly and I had it cut with long layers.

Other than that, my routine is very simple. I wash my hair at night, and while it's wet I comb it out and put some curl cream in it (just put a little on my hands and run them through my hair). Right now I'm using Garnier Fructis curl sculpting cream-gel, but almost any cream-style product will work (I don't like gel because it makes things crunchy). So I put some of that in. Then I sleep on it. Yep, I just sleep on it and let it do whatever it wants! I look like a terrible monster in the morning! The last step is to tame it with a straightening iron, though a curling iron would probably work just as well. This is what I use to shape it up and make my head look a little less crazy. Note: I don't actually try to straighten the hair, just run through it to make it more uniform all around. All done! And then lately I've been sort of twisting my bangs up and pinning them back, just to get them out of the way.

P.S. - I've added a few blog links to the side bar! Be sure and check them out. :) I'll try to be back tomorrow with more interesting things and pretty pictures. Right now I want to sleep! And eat something!


  1. oh i have to try that Garnier stuff. That bumble and bumble stuff is so expensive. thanks for the recommendation!
    I love how you don't straighten your hair!!

  2. I've just gone naturally curly this year after years and years of making my hair conform to straightness. Its getting too long now though so i need to cut it, but i love having curls, the greatest thing is that it dosn't matter how messy they are!

  3. Cute print on your dress.
    I don't think I've ever drunk watermelon

  4. thanks for the link love! I'm linking you right back :)

  5. The Garnier sculpting gel smells amazing. I use it, too. My hair is naturally curly, also. It's always a mess, though. < : )

    Watermelon juice? Going to have to try that. I bet it would make excellent popsicles!



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