Saturday, April 25, 2009

etsy additions

(I'd keep this one if it weren't a bit too big!)


Two more dresses from this collection are now in my Etsy shop! And so are those green shoes I bought a couple of days ago...

It's really warming up around here! I can tell because I have 2 mosquito bites and my toenails are painted red. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! If I can ever get Robert to stop playing video games, we're going to walk to the library.


  1. I love your etsy shop! if you ever find larger sizes, post and i would love to see them <3

    and yes, good call on the modest mouse song. you are the only one who got it!

  2. Went to see the top photo and the item was already sold!!! Now I know to be quicker :) I love our finds and I love your shop, it's in my favorites.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. You have lots of such cute finds.
    Ah, mosquito bites--summer is almost here!

  4. Love the checkered dress! Gorgeous :)

  5. i love the dresses! lovely!

  6. I so love that checkered skirt! It looks really comfortable.

    My toenails are painted red, too. LOL.

  7. that top one is awesome id keep it too! mosquito bites are a way of life for me, my blood is like especially designed for them or something i mean they just love it !
    yay me (can you hear the sarcasm??)
    have a lovely day =)


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