Thursday, April 30, 2009

jumpers and dresses

I had fun playing dress up yesterday!! Some of these things will end up in my shop by the end of the day - I thought I would post them here first so if anyone likes something they see, they will know ahead of time! Most of these dresses are too big on me. I'm not entirely sure what size I am (is that sad or a good thing?) but these are probably all something like a size extra large in "juniors" clothing. That's just an estimate though - you'd have to check the measurements!

I finally got around to cleaning Mr. Bunny (from an estate sale last week) and wearing him in my hair. I really like him! He's a keeper.

And this green dress... Oh, I'm undecided on this one! It didn't look too bad on me- a little big, but not ridiculously so. And I really like this color, so I'm going to hold onto it for a while!

Remember that picnic dress? I believe this blue dress is made from the same pattern! In fact, there's another one just like it which has an amazing pattern (containing rabbits and peacocks!) which I haven't taken pictures of yet. I think I'm also going to sell the picnic dress because I have mostly decided I will probably never wear it in public!

This dress is a little bit too pink, in my opinion. But I like the pockets!

Here's another handmade dress that was probably used for working in the garden-- I know the woman who made it and I'm sure that's what she did with it! The collar is big and floppy like puppy ears. Somehow I find it charming.

I'll work on getting these listed in the shop! Be sure and check there if you're interested! I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hodge podge and oddities

My brain is a little over-excited today. There are so many things to talk about! This post will just be a random assortment of things. Part of my excitement is that I received another box of dresses from my mom today. [For new readers: my mom found a stash of dresses from the 1960s that belonged to a relative, and she's been sending them to me!] Most of these are airy little cotton dresses, so I was psyched - but they're all just a bit too big! They will likely end up in my Etsy shop. I need to do a big shop update because the dresses are stacked up on the couch just waiting to be photographed - and we're having company Friday night so I need to clear them out.
In other news, Lauren from Betty Mae Artistry passed this sweet award on to me! (Check out the cookies she makes - they look so yummy!)

About the Award: "These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

I feel really honored, and I'm going to pass this along to:, much love, on dressing up, Pretty Little Pictures, The Clothes Horse, *Felinofelice, Pseudable Bliss, and AUREA. There was a time when naming 8 bloggers who are charming and friendly to me would be difficult, but I'm so happy that my readership has expanded! These are all people I've met through blogs and do not know in real life.

Now, onto the oddities! Diana at did a great interview with Yooni of genuine incongruity - it's definitely something to check out! My favorite part was about girls' body images. This is what I really liked:

"It's easy to just talk about body image in terms of weight, but I believe it goes beyond that. After my 18 years on this earth (ha!) I know at least this: people will find beauty in what you think are your flaws. So to that stray freckle, to that extra chub on your hips, that visible birthmark that creeps along your collarbone, that slightly crooked nose, those bushy eyebrows, I think you are beautiful, and someone else thinks you're beautiful too."

This is so incredibly true! I think that all of the oddities and unique features on people are what really make them beautiful. And that is why I'm going to show you my toes today.

I have webbed toes. Look closely and try not to be blinded by my ghastly white legs! Not entirely webbed, like a duck, but partially. It's more common than you'd think. Well, according to Wikipedia, "in humans it is considered unusual, occurring in approximately one in 2,000 to 2,500 live births." So, I'm special. As a kid I was incredibly self-conscious about them, going to great lengths to hide them. I even saw a doctor about having them surgically separated, since it caused me so much anxiety. Turns out the risks of losing feeling in your toes if they cut a nerve isn't really worth it, so I had to learn to live with them. Gradually, I realized that they were sort of an asset. Not only did they set me apart from other people (and I have to say - NO OFFENSE - I often find "regular" toes to look weird), but I realized that people thought they were neat. [I've seen several people who have the same webbing as me- once I sat next to a guy in history class who had them! My mom's cousin has them too.]

Of course, there are always people out there who don't like anything to be different, and this sort of thing scares them. I also dealt with a lot of teasing in elementary school because I have a little mole on the end of my nose which everyone claimed was a booger. You just get used to those things, and learn to love them.

Well! This has been a sort of long and rambling post, but I hope it's been slightly enjoyable and informative! This is the first time I've ever showed my toes off to the whole world, so hopefully it doesn't scare anyone away. I will be back tomorrow with pictures of dresses!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Any real plans that I had for an insightful blog post today faded away as our internet sporadically died. Not sure what was going on, but we were without it for most of the day. Robert would say, "hey, it's working again!" and by the time I got around to checking my email, it wouldn't be working. However, it's fine this evening!

So, who else is in love with Melora Creager? If you don't know who she is, she basically IS the band Rasputina, an amazing cello-rock group. I was absolutely obsessed in high school and constantly tried to emulate Melora's fashion. (My mom would ask me, "are you goth?" I would laugh about it, but I secretly was glad she thought so... hahaha.) Rasputina has this creepy, Victorian asthetic that was just so intriguing and new to me back then [example: The Olde Headboard video]. Not only is Melora's music amazing, but she also tells hilarious jokes in between songs at her recitals. AND she's been known to get crafty, selling homemade perfumes and strange little satchels with mysterious things in them at shows and on the website. I've only seen Rasputina live once, in 2006, but it was without a doubt the most exciting show I've ever been to.

Anyway, the reason I'm bringing this up is because Melora was just on the cover of origiVation, a magazine I've never heard of. They did a feature on musicians' fashion, and she was one of the people featured. You can see the whole issue here (skip to pages 19 and 20 to see her). I personally prefer her white-blonde hair of the past, but I still love the outfits she wears. They are incredibly over the top, but she's allowed to do that. Best quote from this article:

"Less surprisingly, she admitted a love of ripping up vintage dresses and feeling like she's being naughty. 'But it's not like anyone's going to sue you,' she concedes."

Both pictures borrowed from here.

Besides that, she is friends with designer James Coviello, and once played at one of his fashion shows. You can watch some of that here. He is probably the only designer I know anything about, and it's solely because of Rasputina.

Oh, I could go on and on! I've been wanting to do a Rasputina fashion post, but it didn't seem relevant until now. I'm not suggesting anyone try dressing like Melora, but I do enjoy seeing what she wears. I've always felt more inspired (fashion-wise) by music than anything else. Anyone feel the same? Perhaps I'll talk about some more music/fashion icons at a later date!

Monday, April 27, 2009

summer conundrum

It's been very warm around here lately, and I'm starting to worry about my summer wardrobe. I feel like an idiot saying that, but this is a fashion-y blog so let's go with it! Every time I think I'm wearing something that will be cool enough for this weather, I end up sweating. Most of my clothes are better suited for spring or autumn.

Dress: vintage, Jumper: Forever 21, Bracelet: stamp

One of my problems is that I don't own any dresses that I can comfortably wear without layers. Everything seems to require a slip under or a sweater over. Does anyone else have that problem? I always have trouble finding clothes that stand well alone. Maybe it's just a self-conscious thing.

Anyway, I'm excited about shopping for some warm-weather clothes. Next time I go thrifting, you can bet I'll be looking for some shorts and breezy tops or dresses. What are your favorite summer clothes?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

etsy additions

(I'd keep this one if it weren't a bit too big!)


Two more dresses from this collection are now in my Etsy shop! And so are those green shoes I bought a couple of days ago...

It's really warming up around here! I can tell because I have 2 mosquito bites and my toenails are painted red. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! If I can ever get Robert to stop playing video games, we're going to walk to the library.

Friday, April 24, 2009

sweet little things

Check out this sweet award I received from Gabbi of *Felinofelice! I've been seeing it all over the place and I'm so glad it finally came my way. Of course it would be better if I could actually have that cupcake and that deer in real life... but this will do just fine! I would like to pass it along to Mothersvea and Pretty Little Pictures - both great blogs. Thank you, Gabbi!

I went to an estate sale this morning, mostly because I was enticed by this picture that went along with the ad:

Picture borrowed from this website...

Doesn't that room look lovely? It was. We arrived at the sale an hour after it started, and I think we were too late. There were so many beautiful shoes and hats and petticoats, but most of them qualified as antiques (things I would be scared to wear or to sell for wearing). As we were waiting in line to pay for the few small things I wanted, I noticed a couple of ladies with bags and bags full of dresses and hats - they must have grabbed up all the good stuff!! Just a lesson for me to get to sales earlier...

I couldn't resist the fat little raccoon on this pin, or this bunny barrette!

Sleepy little Dutch girl cuff links!! [Note to self: figure out how cuff links work.]

This is the only dress I bought. Like I said before, most of the things I liked were just far too old (or expensive). The big lacy collar on this dress is kind of discolored, but if I can't clean it well enough, I can just remove it - looks like someone just slip-stitched it on anyway, and I like the way the dress would look without it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

thrifty wardrobe makeover

I made a trip to Music City Thrift yesterday. My ultimate goal was to find some vintage belts for a couple of dresses I want to sell, but I also had some ulterior motives... And though I did buy some belts, I also ended up with some lovely things for myself!

big comfy sweater!

Neither of the tops I bought are vintage, but they're perfectly good items that were about $2 each! I'm slowly changing my whole wardrobe, trying to buy things that are simple and more sophisticated. And lately whenever I put something on in the morning and think, "I hate this," I pull it out of the closet and it goes in a pile to be donated. There's just no need to wear clothes you hate when there are so many things to be worn!

Gap shirt, basically brand new

New [old] umbrella!

I am so in love with these shoes that I found... Not sure if I want to keep them, though. They fit me, but it's a pretty tight squeeze. Lately I've been doing awful things to my feet by not choosing comfortable shoes when I'm going to be walking a lot, and I need to try to stop that. My poor feet! You may be seeing these in the Etsy shop soon - but let me think on it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

success and an almost-friend

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful. And our free ice cream mission? Total success! Honest, I made a map of the back streets we should use, and where to start looking for somewhere to park... Then we walked several blocks! Worked out perfectly.

I got Orange & Cream. Robert chose Oatmeal Cookie (in Cinnamon ice cream)

I love these pink trees so much!

We had parked near a really cute shopping center, and I saw the word "vintage" on one shop- Robert promised we could go there on the way back. It looked like a great shop, but no one was there! I'll have to try again later.

In completely unrelated news, this bird knocked on our door this morning. Really. The water for coffee had just started boiling, and I heard this crazy noise at the door. I peeked out the window, and look who it was! I thought he must be injured to be flying into our door (and he sat there quite a while), but when we opened it-- [because Robert had prepared some bread crumbs and a dish of water... He was playing Bird Ambassador]-- the bird flew away! Maybe his friends dared him to do it. I liked him.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Another dress in the shop! As cool as this one is, the yellow is just too bright for my skin. However, I did have fun playing dress up with it. I even put on some lipstick! And that is what my hair looks like without any help from the straightening iron. It's sort of cute, but only long enough for a few pictures.

I was planning to go thrifting this afternoon because I need to find some belts for a few dresses (which have belt loops but no belts), but then I realized what today is... It is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's. Robert insists that we must attend, and we are already scheming about the perfect time to go (it's right by Vanderbilt University, and traffic around there is a nightmare on a normal day) and parking strategy. This could get tricky. Unfortunately, it's just out of walking distance!

It is true. I am addicted to sugar.

Monday, April 20, 2009

double knit

If you're feeling a shortage of double knit dresses in your life, now would be a good time to visit my Etsy shop! I've just added these 3 dresses, which are things from this lot which I know I don't want to keep. Still deciding on a few others!

A suit!

A shirt dress!


Today started out a little rough with me vowing to never drive in this city EVER AGAIN, but it's looking up. We've decided to bake some ridiculous brownies with chocolate icing and sprinkles on top (I hope). That should fix everything!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

watermelon weekend

Despite all of the festivals and events I mentioned on Friday, we didn't really do much of anything on Saturday! It just turned out to be one of those days. We drank some watermelon juice on the back porch and went to the library. Nothing too exciting!

Yum yum. Just blend up some watermelon.

I think I prefer eating it to drinking it, though... just as a texture thing.

Today has been the complete opposite of yesterday. I woke up to some sweet emails and a couple of Etsy orders [opposite of yesterday where I had to give a refund because an item never arrived...]. Then I went to work. Yes, work! I worked 4 hours at a paint-your-own pottery studio today. I really liked it and hopefully it will turn into something long-term! However, I'm really tired from being on my feet the whole time and I just want to relax this evening.

Denise left me a comment yesterday asking how I do my hair. The thought of actually doing a tutorial on it made me laugh, because it's basically a natural disaster that I try to maintain. However, I am very happy she likes my hair and I'll tell you a little about it in case you're curious! Here are the basics: my hair is curly and I had it cut with long layers.

Other than that, my routine is very simple. I wash my hair at night, and while it's wet I comb it out and put some curl cream in it (just put a little on my hands and run them through my hair). Right now I'm using Garnier Fructis curl sculpting cream-gel, but almost any cream-style product will work (I don't like gel because it makes things crunchy). So I put some of that in. Then I sleep on it. Yep, I just sleep on it and let it do whatever it wants! I look like a terrible monster in the morning! The last step is to tame it with a straightening iron, though a curling iron would probably work just as well. This is what I use to shape it up and make my head look a little less crazy. Note: I don't actually try to straighten the hair, just run through it to make it more uniform all around. All done! And then lately I've been sort of twisting my bangs up and pinning them back, just to get them out of the way.

P.S. - I've added a few blog links to the side bar! Be sure and check them out. :) I'll try to be back tomorrow with more interesting things and pretty pictures. Right now I want to sleep! And eat something!

Friday, April 17, 2009

ready for the weekend?

Tomorrow is National Record Store Day! A lot of record stores are having free shows and there will be new vinyl releases which I'm excited about. If you're into that kinda thing, be sure to see if there are any events near you! There will also be a Cherry Blossom Festival and Earth Day Festival here in Nashville on Saturday, so we have lots of [free] options for the weekend!

And I'm going to be working on Sunday afternoon... I'll tell you more about that later!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

today is sleepy


I've been playing on Polyvore again! Here's my imaginary outfit of the day. I'm not wearing anything so exciting in real life. However, I did get something cute in the mail today!

Check out that wax seal!

About a week ago, I arranged a trade with thedeparture - she wanted some shoes in my shop and offered up something from her shop (or on her livejournal) for trade. We ended up doing a partial trade, and I received this flannel babydoll shirt today (along with a nice card and some tea)! It's adorable and I'm happy with it. I love trades!

I did end up adding a couple of things to the shop yesterday, but not any of the more recent dresses I've been showing around here. I'm hoping to start adding those tomorrow, because I think I might actually be busy this weekend. I hope everyone is having a nice Thursday!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

more, more!

I was happy to see all the positive comments about the dresses in yesterday's post! I think the general consensus was "we want to see more!!" Patience, friends! There will be more. I actually photographed them all yesterday, but seeing how I was in a rush to try everything on, I made some silly faces which shall not be shown here. Check this one out!

I think this one's a keeper. I love the neutral colors and the drop waist, and I can imagine so many cute outfits using it. This is actually what I'm wearing today. And I was meaning to update my Etsy shop this afternoon, but I'm so distracted... We decorated some cookies today.

Ghost and duck cookies. These are mine.

Robert's cookies looked a little more.. crazy.

And although we've already had a big sugar rush, I heard that Maggie Moo's is giving away free ice cream scoops for tax day. I think we might have to investigate that. There's a shop half a mile from our apartment - if we walk that will make it healthy, right? Plus maybe I could get some sun on my legs [wait- I just realized it's kind of cold outside. Stop that, weather!]. I'll let you know if any cute dresses make it into my Etsy shop!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

amazing surprise!

Some of you may remember a while back when I mentioned that my mom had found a bunch of old dresses that I could have. She was going to plan a trip to bring them to me, but my dad was really against her driving [at least] 13 hours by herself to get here. So she decided she would just start sending them to me in batches! I got a big box today. 13 darling dresses and 1 purse.

It's got mushrooms!!

Picnic fashion!!!

Although my mom thought they would be a bit big for me, they all fit me *perfectly* - so of course I'm going crazy trying to figure out what I want to keep and what will make its way into my Etsy shop. Some of them are so cute! Some of them are a little ridiculous. They all belonged to my uncle's sister when she was a teenager. She and my mom were really good friends growing up, and I always speculated that I was named after her (she's a Becky). I'm so happy to have some of her clothes!

Monday, April 13, 2009

umbrellas and raincoats

[click to enlarge]

I've been playing with Poster Sketch on Etsy. You can visit my favorites if you want to take a closer look at any of those items! Obviously, rain is on my mind again today. We're under another tornado watch! That's been happening every couple of days lately (and people have actually been getting killed by tornadoes, which is not good).

In the last couple of days I've realized how much I'm enjoying this time off from "the real world." Robert had a job interview this morning and it made me so sad to see him drive off! I really like having him around. I imagine this is how mothers feel when their children go to school for the first time. Only he's 28 [edit: almost 28 - not until next month!]. Well, it can't last forever! 2 months of this has been nice.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

lunch on the back porch

It's beautiful outside today!! We took advantage of the weather by having lunch on the back porch. It was a little bright since the sun was directly overhead and we didn't have a source of shade, but it was fun anyway.

We have these great 60s green folding chairs that Robert's mom gave us!

We bought some egg rolls and Robert made a really yummy spicy peanut sauce.

Then he took pictures of me eating when he was done. Lovely!

"You're going to love these pictures," he told me. Hmm.

Earlier today I was pretending that I had [lopsided] short hair. And that it was the 1940s.

Now that I've been out in the sunshine for a while, I think I'm ready to settle in and [for real this time] update my Etsy shop. I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter weekend!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

easter fashion

Anyone have plans for Easter? I've been seeing so many pretty pictures on craft blogs about projects and yummy foods; it looks like everyone is having so much fun! But I don't really have any Easter-related plans for the weekend (except some possible cookies).

However, in a pretend world where I will spend tomorrow hunting for eggs, what shall I wear? I will turn to Etsy for some inspiration.

Dress from Thrush

That looks ideal to me! But you have to remember lacy socks - those are a must! I will be doing my own little shop update tomorrow!

Friday, April 10, 2009

another rainy day

I've got to stop trying to predict the weather and start checking it beforehand!! I imagined (falsely, again) that after a day as lovely as yesterday, we might get some more sunshine. I thought it might be a good day to take pictures by the pretty trees at the library, so you don't get the idea that I never leave the house. We made it out for groceries this morning, but on the way home the tornado sirens had started up, and it began pouring rain. Maybe it will magically clear up? We'll see!

dress - Forever 21
slip - flea market
bag - thrifted

There has been one nice surprise -- my bracelet from Stamp arrived!! It's the most modern piece of jewelry I own now. It's so simple and pretty. Courtesy of The Bright Side Project!

Oh, and one other sweet surprise! Since I had mentioned some shoes from jessjamesjake, Jess has started her own blog and she mentioned me in the first post! Lots of vintage fashion inspiration over there, so go take a peek!