Saturday, December 29, 2012

I owe you...

WOW, I am possibly the laziest blogger ever.  Managed to skip right over my baby's first birthday and Christmas!  First steps, too - she is walking now!  But as you can imagine, things have been busy.  It hasn't been my top priority to update here.

Here's a little collage of Audrey's first 12 months.  Is it just me, or has she looked about the same from birth?  I think it's the lack of hair.  But she's so much bigger.  In the first year she grew 10 inches and nearly tripled her weight!  She is my tiny giant.

And now... a video of Audrey devouring a cupcake!!  Enjoy. 

Alarmingly, looking through all of these nostalgic baby photos is making me want another kid.  Aaah!  This is how they get you!  You can't see all the sleep deprivation in the happy photos.  :)

I'll try to come back soon and catch up even further!  But to be honest, I've been much better about keeping my Facebook account updated with photos, videos and updates.  It's a little embarrassing.  If anyone would like to keep in touch with me there, let me know!  You will definitely get to see more timely pictures.  This birthday stuff is over a month old!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

baby's birthday checklist

Balloons: Check!

Pumpkin cupcakes: Check!

Sweet baby girl on the verge of being a year old: Check!
Tomorrow is Audrey's first birthday.  A year ago exactly, I was already in bed, trying unsuccessfully to get a good night's sleep, knowing I would meet my daughter the next day.  A year ago exactly, this little person didn't exist outside of my body.  I'm so proud that we made it through this first year; it has definitely been monumental.

Robert's family will be here with us tomorrow, celebrating Thanksgiving and Audrey's birthday! 

Note: that last picture is actually a few weeks old... Our big tree has lost most of its leaves now, and Audrey has outgrown that shirt!  Things change so quickly.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Audrey's First Halloween

Sorry it's been a bit quiet over here.   We've just been enjoying fall and living it up!  Audrey had her first Halloween.  As many events with a baby or toddler, it wasn't quite as fancy as I was hoping it'd be.  Before any trick-or-treaters had even shown up at our house, Audrey was already out of her costume and eating dinner, and then we had to deal with our doorbell ringing all evening while we tried to get her to bed!  But at least I got some cute pictures.
Last year vs. this year - oh what a difference a year can make!

I decided to dress up as a witch - too easy!

Time is flying and Audrey is growing so quickly.   We are now less than 2 weeks away from her birthday!  I can't believe that a year ago I didn't even know her.  She is the biggest part of my life now.  It's very strange to welcome a tiny person into your home and let them consume your life!  It's also the most difficult thing I've ever done, and probably the most worthwhile.  (That's one of those cliches that is just very true, no getting around it!) 

As much as she's grown and changed, she has always been the headstrong little person she is now, and I think we always somehow expected her to be this way.  She has a unique baby personality.  Robert put it this way the other day: "I love how she never just makes innocent little baby faces.  She always looks like she's plotting to kill you."  In the cutest way possible, of course!  This little girl is the personification of mischief and curiosity, and we love her so much.

She is into EVERYTHING.  She has taken a few steps now, and should be walking fairly soon.  I have a theory that it's difficult for her to balance because she grows so quickly that her center of gravity keeps changing!  But she's working on it.  She uses baby signs now: she knows "bath," (that was the first one she learned) "more," "all done," and "eat."  She has still never called me mama, but I think she can say the word duck.  She is a funny little thing.  Oh, and best of all, she is pretty consistent about sleeping through the night now!  Things are pretty good.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October and Pumpkins

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since my belly was as gigantic as a pumpkin!  Above and below: two pictures from last October.  We had no idea what we were getting into - haha!

I think October might be my new favorite month.  It's getting cold and there's an excitement in the air -- the rest of the year is basically one big party!  We have been keeping busy and participating in lots of autumnal activities.  Here are some pictures from lately.

Audrey practices to be a baby dragon for Halloween.

We went out to a farm that had a pumpkin patch!  It was a cold, windy day, and I'm going to attribute the scowls to how bright the sun was, despite the clouds. 

I just realized that Robert and this scarecrow are clothing twins!  Where's your hat, Robert?

Baby grumpkin in the pumpkin patch!

We were there with our friends Jen, Joe and Carissa (Audrey's friend!).  We met them back in January, so it's been fun to see how the girls grow together!  Carissa is 6 months older than Audrey and they're just starting to really interact.  It's so sweet!  Babies on tractors!

Tomorrow we're heading out of town for a weekend in Memphis.  We're meeting my sister and her husband there, and I'm so excited about them getting to play with Audrey.  They haven't seen her since January, when she was just 2 months old!!  She has so many new baby tricks and skills.

How is everyone's October going? 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Audrey Dances

BY POPULAR DEMAND... Here is a video of Audrey dancing!  This was the day she discovered the record player.  She loves to experiment with the volume knob.

The next day, we happened to be in the front room again and she began dancing by the record player... demanding to hear music!  She is so sweet.

She dances just like Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks.  Ha!

Friday, September 21, 2012

real shoes for baby

Audrey isn't walking yet, but she does enjoy it when we hold her hands and "help" her walk around.  I knew that we'd be needing some real shoes for her soon!  (As opposed to the soft "crib shoes" that are mainly for baby decoration.)  So while Robert was shopping for new shoes last weekend, I picked up a pair for Audrey.  Cuteness ensued, and we had to go for a late afternoon walk to break them in!  The weather has been spectacular lately.

The other cutest thing happening around here is that Audrey now DANCES any time she hears music.  She's been dancing on occasion for months, but now as soon as the first note hits, she starts swaying.  It's almost too much to handle.  Baby cuteness overload!  She is just about 10 months old, and so much fun.   She's turned into such a pleasant companion!

Monday, September 10, 2012

wrapping up summer

Audrey is napping and I don't trust myself to make a coherent post with real words, so I'm just going to share some pictures of the things that have been happening in the last couple of weeks!

I had a rollerskating party!

We found a Batman bus.. ?!

We had a Troll 2 party and ate delicious key lime pie!

Audrey went crazy!  And got a ton of new teeth!

Ahh.. It's been busy.  Our calendar is clearing up and the weather is cooling down.  It's fantastic outside, and inside I'm trying to organize my brain and life!  There is a baby who controls my schedule and she won't let me slow down.

Monday, August 20, 2012

birthday week!

My birthday week has arrived!  Last year, when I was pregnant, I didn't feel like celebrating at all.  I was far too excited about the tiny person inside of me to even think about myself.  It may have been, historically speaking, the lamest birthday ever.  But this year I'm planning multiple festivities, and it's going to last for at least 2 weeks.  Party on!

An early present from my sister just arrived in the mail.  This mug!  It makes me so happy.  Yes, Lionel Richie, I WAS looking for tea.  I opened it just in time for my afternoon cuppa, which has become a daily ritual during Audrey's final nap of the day.

Left: before.  Right: after!  So much lighter, up or down!

I also treated myself to an overdue haircut this past weekend.  And when I say "treated," yes, I do mean that I used a $6.99 coupon and went to Great Clips!  My hair is so unruly that you can never tell the difference.  I don't know why I get tricked into trying to grow my hair out every once in a while.  It's usually just a bad idea, and especially so now that I have a tiny person who loves to rip hair out of my head!  It just wasn't working out. This shorter style is a HUGE improvement!

Now, back to my tea...

Monday, August 13, 2012

best weekend ever

Sometimes the unplanned things are the best things.  It's been ridiculously hot and humid this summer, so we took notice when we felt a cool breeze this past Saturday morning.  Our weekly trip to the farmer's market wasn't as uncomfortable as usual; in fact, it was gorgeous outside!  Robert was planning to grill all afternoon anyway, so I decided that Audrey and I would join him in the backyard.  

I grabbed her laundry basket (who needs a baby pool?), some towels, the sunscreen and the camera -- we were ready to party.  She actually got cold sitting in the water, so we mostly played on the towels and occasionally dabbled in the "pool".

These pictures make me ridiculously happy.  Robert snapped a few for me, and when I saw these I just thought they were the most perfect thing that's ever happened. We're going to need prints of these photos for sure... to be enlarged, framed, and mailed to grandparents!

I love our giant tree and how it shades most of our backyard.   It's nice to stand under and look up at during any season.  So many branches!

Robert was also working on tuning up his bike, and decided to take it for a little spin around the backyard.  It only added to the surreal quality of the afternoon!

It was so nice to just be outside.  I'm glad that the weather gave us a bit of a break!  I'm hoping that this bit of coolness will stick around and we can wallow in the end of the summer with plenty of walks and time spent in the back yard.  We don't get out there enough!

Stray observations: I need a haircut pretty badly.  This is getting ridiculous.  And Audrey has nearly outgrown this bathing suit, even though it's for 9 months!  She isn't quite there yet, but I could barely get it on her.  I don't think it will fit next time we need it.  Oh NO, I need to pick out another adorable baby swimsuit?  Absolute torture. :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Epic July

It seems like this month has been super busy, but I'm kind of loving it! Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to.

On Friday the 13th, Robert and I got to see Fiona Apple perform at the Ryman Auditorium.  She was pretty amazing, but I think about 75% of the audience wanted a quiet, respectful concert while the other 25% was set on screaming out, "WE LOVE YOU FIONA" and "WELCOME TO NASHVILLE" during every quiet moment of the show.  It was a little bit infuriating, and I think she ended early because of it.  The first thing she said to the audience, right before the last song of the night, was, "Okay, pretend it's 2 minutes later and you've been cheering for me."  That was our encore!

This past week, I attended THIS fantastic little event with a couple of friends while Robert and his buddy watched Audrey.  (Go check out the pictures!  I'm the only one wearing stripes in the group photo.) 

Turbo Fruits, opening band for GBV - they were great!
The next night, right after my girl's night out, we went and saw Guided By Voices!  They are basically Robert's favorite band ever, and the only thing he's listened to for nearly 2 years now... Ha!  We had so much fun.  I have sort of declared for the last few years that I'm not a fan of crowds or going to shows where I have to stand up the whole time, but this was just awesome.  It made me feel like a 16 year old again, and we could have stood there all night!! 

Robert Pollard is an amazing performer.  The band and the crowd were just having such a good time.  If you want to get into them, I don't even know where to tell you to start... (Here are all the videos I shot.)  This guy has so many side projects and puts out so many albums a year, that my Robert seriously has a spreadsheet that I've caught him working on to catalog all of them and see which ones he needs to collect.  That's dedication!  We left after the second encore because we thought it was over, but I'm pretty sure they came back for a third.

And what have we been doing on the home front?

Lots of early morning snuggling with Audrey, while the sun rises.  Lots of visiting with family, since Robert's parents are Audrey's main babysitters.  Also... lots of watching old 21 Jump Street episodes, because that's how we roll.

How was your July?  I can't believe it's almost August!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

owlette collective

So many people commented on Audrey's spiky bonnet in the last post that I just wanted to tell you where I got it!  A friend gave it to us when I was pregnant, and that little bonnet kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting for the tiny companion that could wear it.  Of course she found it on Etsy... at owlette collective.  I checked over there today, and look at the adorable things they have in stock!  I couldn't keep these to myself.

Blue Green Zig Zag Spike Bonnet

Pink Circus Owl Bib
Gray Green Two Tone Vest

It's hard to keep such precious baby accessories in stock, I'm sure, so there are only a handful of items in the shop -- but they're so worth browsing!  They have some amazing bear cub bonnets as well, which you can see in the sold section.  I'd love to get one of those!  Every baby deserves a special hat.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

fresh picture overload!

Audrey is 8 months old today!  I opened up the blinds in her room, put out some of her favorite books and toys, and let her go wild.. sort of.  In between pictures there was a lot of redirecting her from diving headfirst off the sofa, which is her number one desire.  Enjoy!

I say it pretty much every month -- "I can't believe it's been ___ amount of time since she was born."  But for REAL.  Actually, now it feels like she's been around here forever.  And we don't mind that at all.  More and more personality is emerging every day!  She can give high fives now... and she was doing a lot of babbling today!  She's not usually so talkative.

I think the day that Audrey looks at me and says "mama," my heart is just going to explode.  Can't even handle it!  

I had so much fun taking these pictures today.  Our camera gets a lot of use nearly every day, but I don't often find time to do everything I want with all of the photos!  It's hard to keep up. That's why this space is a little quiet lately... Not enough time to do everything that I want.

This little lady keeps me hopping!