Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hodge podge and oddities

My brain is a little over-excited today. There are so many things to talk about! This post will just be a random assortment of things. Part of my excitement is that I received another box of dresses from my mom today. [For new readers: my mom found a stash of dresses from the 1960s that belonged to a relative, and she's been sending them to me!] Most of these are airy little cotton dresses, so I was psyched - but they're all just a bit too big! They will likely end up in my Etsy shop. I need to do a big shop update because the dresses are stacked up on the couch just waiting to be photographed - and we're having company Friday night so I need to clear them out.
In other news, Lauren from Betty Mae Artistry passed this sweet award on to me! (Check out the cookies she makes - they look so yummy!)

About the Award: "These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

I feel really honored, and I'm going to pass this along to:, much love, on dressing up, Pretty Little Pictures, The Clothes Horse, *Felinofelice, Pseudable Bliss, and AUREA. There was a time when naming 8 bloggers who are charming and friendly to me would be difficult, but I'm so happy that my readership has expanded! These are all people I've met through blogs and do not know in real life.

Now, onto the oddities! Diana at did a great interview with Yooni of genuine incongruity - it's definitely something to check out! My favorite part was about girls' body images. This is what I really liked:

"It's easy to just talk about body image in terms of weight, but I believe it goes beyond that. After my 18 years on this earth (ha!) I know at least this: people will find beauty in what you think are your flaws. So to that stray freckle, to that extra chub on your hips, that visible birthmark that creeps along your collarbone, that slightly crooked nose, those bushy eyebrows, I think you are beautiful, and someone else thinks you're beautiful too."

This is so incredibly true! I think that all of the oddities and unique features on people are what really make them beautiful. And that is why I'm going to show you my toes today.

I have webbed toes. Look closely and try not to be blinded by my ghastly white legs! Not entirely webbed, like a duck, but partially. It's more common than you'd think. Well, according to Wikipedia, "in humans it is considered unusual, occurring in approximately one in 2,000 to 2,500 live births." So, I'm special. As a kid I was incredibly self-conscious about them, going to great lengths to hide them. I even saw a doctor about having them surgically separated, since it caused me so much anxiety. Turns out the risks of losing feeling in your toes if they cut a nerve isn't really worth it, so I had to learn to live with them. Gradually, I realized that they were sort of an asset. Not only did they set me apart from other people (and I have to say - NO OFFENSE - I often find "regular" toes to look weird), but I realized that people thought they were neat. [I've seen several people who have the same webbing as me- once I sat next to a guy in history class who had them! My mom's cousin has them too.]

Of course, there are always people out there who don't like anything to be different, and this sort of thing scares them. I also dealt with a lot of teasing in elementary school because I have a little mole on the end of my nose which everyone claimed was a booger. You just get used to those things, and learn to love them.

Well! This has been a sort of long and rambling post, but I hope it's been slightly enjoyable and informative! This is the first time I've ever showed my toes off to the whole world, so hopefully it doesn't scare anyone away. I will be back tomorrow with pictures of dresses!


  1. Thanks, Rebecca! Thanks for the award and for quoting Yooni, isn't she beautiful and I love what she says! Thanks especially for calling me a friend! I have met so many amazing people through blogging and you are for sure one of them!
    I don't see the webbed feet, or funny toes. I see lovely legs, and RED toes!! <3

  2. Honestly, I couldn't see the webbed part until I read your post and looked more closely. I just thought, 'cute sandals and nice nail polish'. I think it's awesome that you have that. My good friend, Alberta, has an extra finger. It's a tiny little bump on the end of the hand near the pinky. She and all the other women in the family have it. Isn't that interesting? I tell her she's move evolved than the rest of us... :) I can't wait to see your dresses and thank you very very much for the award! I'm going to go check out all the other people you've awarded. Some are new to me! xo

  3. Wow, definitely the risk doesn't seem worth it! My toes aren't webbed, but they are the bane of my family teases me for having "finger toes" and flat feet.
    It is crazy how much kids tease each other about the smallest differences...

  4. Thank you for the award, Rebecca. You're very sweet. And your toes are webbed? I couldn't really see!

  5. thanks so much for the award! The text makes it even more special. I would not be blogging if it wasn't for the sweet and like-minded bloggers like you :)

    After reading about your toes, I instantly looked at mine. They're slightly webbed too! But it's outshone by my other toe oddness: the toe next to my thumb toe and the middle toe are really long - even longer than the thumb toe! The 2nd toe is actually as long as my pinky finger. I've had friends laugh at it, not mockingly though, it was totally fun and good-natured. I'm actually quite proud of them, haha! But not to the point where I'd happily wear open toed shoes. Nope.

  6. I think insecurities about feet are pretty widespread. I don't know very many people that like their feet. I personally have "hobbit feet", in that I always go barefoot and consequently have feet the texture of rawhide. At least they're not hairy... that's how I comfort myself. Also, the first and second toes are the same length, which will be most useful should I ever decide to become a ballerina.

  7. Hi! I'm Yooni. I'm so touched by your post, and I'm glad that you liked what I had to say. I just wanted to tell you that your toes are great.

  8. I love your toes, Rebecca. Even though they don't make you swim any better. HAHAHA.

    I can't wait to see the pictures of the new dresses! Yay! Also, Sarah Gabbart of Sew Crafty says I can use her shop for a weekend in August to sell vintage clothes! GUERRILLA VINTAGE SHOP!

  9. Wow! An award! How cool is that! Thanks for making me feel special : )

    And webbed toes! How doubly-triply-cool is that! I think it's so neat!

    Lovely post. I'm glad you shared. Mine: I have crooked teeth. Front two on top. Always hid them as a kid. Never smiled. Now my kids are growing, two have braces. They tried to talk me into getting braces with them, but I don't want them. Would have killed for them as a kid, but now this is who I am. I still don't smile big if we're with people we don't know. So I guess I haven't grown into them as much as I thought. : ) I'll have to work on that.

    Looking forward to seeing new dresses. I'm going garage sale-ing this weekend. Maybe I'll find something cool!


  10. thats so interesting because i always was annoyed that my toes were so far apart! i would stand and look down and i had like 2 inches between all toes! ok not that much but still its like the opposite of you and i felt so 'odd woman out' then i started wearing heels well yeah now they are crunched up and bent over that i regret stuffing my toes in too tight pointy heels for so long!!!
    i now only wear round toe shoes that let me toes have room! its a shame i did that to my lovely spread apart toes! i miss them now!
    you are wonderful to show us your beautiful toes!! i think they are beautiful :)

  11. I can't wait to choose the people I will be awarding! After Polaroid week, I will be posting it Monday :)


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