Wednesday, April 22, 2009

success and an almost-friend

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful. And our free ice cream mission? Total success! Honest, I made a map of the back streets we should use, and where to start looking for somewhere to park... Then we walked several blocks! Worked out perfectly.

I got Orange & Cream. Robert chose Oatmeal Cookie (in Cinnamon ice cream)

I love these pink trees so much!

We had parked near a really cute shopping center, and I saw the word "vintage" on one shop- Robert promised we could go there on the way back. It looked like a great shop, but no one was there! I'll have to try again later.

In completely unrelated news, this bird knocked on our door this morning. Really. The water for coffee had just started boiling, and I heard this crazy noise at the door. I peeked out the window, and look who it was! I thought he must be injured to be flying into our door (and he sat there quite a while), but when we opened it-- [because Robert had prepared some bread crumbs and a dish of water... He was playing Bird Ambassador]-- the bird flew away! Maybe his friends dared him to do it. I liked him.


  1. Free Ice Cream, Vintage shopping and little birds knocking on doors.


  2. oh that little bird is so cute and you must be a bird-whisperer, ha ha.

    i need to try cinnamon ice cream now!

  3. mmmm, FREE ice cream! I wish they gave away free ice cream here :(
    The vintage shop looks great - if those dresses are anything to go by. Shame it wasn't open though.

  4. Oh the shop looks sooo dreamy. I bet it's full of beautiful and unique things. *


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