Friday, April 3, 2009

friday finds & five senses

The estate sale we went to this morning was, without a doubt, my most favorite estate sale ever. I walked out with 3 amazing dresses, 2 amazing purses, 2 adorable necklaces, a cute shirt and a pair of boots. The dresses will end up in my etsy shop because none of them quite fit me. However, I'm pretty attached to these boots and this necklace... I think I'll keep them!

When I don't like what my hair is doing, I just put a big bow on my head and hope for the best.

Isn't it pretty?

Shiny surprises!

I haven't taken pictures of the other things yet, but I'm sure you'll see them soon! Until then, here are some things from this week for Five Senses Friday:

See: flowers everywhere

Hear: thunder and rain (it rained so hard yesterday evening that water almost came in the backdoor!), listening to Elliot Smith on my record player

Taste: key lime pie (my very favorite thing from this week)

Smell: vintage clothes (not in a bad way)

Touch: wind and raindrops while walking home yesterday (it felt great!)

It's been awfully rainy around here, and aside from that my allergies are driving me crazy. I sneeze every 5 minutes or so and I'm constantly wishing to take a nap.


  1. ooh sorry about your allergies. i would love if it was raining and cloudy here!

    that necklace is so chic and such a statement piece. i don't blame you for keeping it.

    i <333333 elliott smith

  2. I love your outfit. That necklace is quite pretty too. You make me want to go to estate sales!
    P.S. I do get free candy--far too much of it!

  3. Ooooh! That is my absolute favorite style of dress! And the color is fantastic. The boots and necklace are awesome,too. You're so lucky you can wear knee high boots! Not everyone can pull that off. : )

    My husband has terrible allergies. Doctor finally put him on Nasonex. Have you tried it? It seemed like it wasn't helping, but after two weeks of taking it every single day, it fixed them! It's the only thing he's ever tried that works, and he's had allergies his whole life. The downside is that Nasonex is a spray you have to snort up your nose. Not exactly pleasant, but worth it, my hubs says.

    It's going to rain here today, then SNOW tomorrow. YUCK! I'm so sick of winter!



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