Monday, March 30, 2009

pretty things


I was playing on Polyvore this morning! Here are some things that look nice together and that I would like to be wearing. Polyvore is sort of like playing with paper dolls.

Liz sent me some really neat things in the mail: a set of framed mirrors and pictures! I really like those frames, and I think they're just about perfect for a project I've been meaning to try.

Obviously my brain doesn't want to put together a coherent post today! I'm distracted because Robert's working on a key lime pie. Do you know how very good a homemade graham cracker pie crust smells as it's baking? MMM. I'm losing it over here.

Yes- we are guilty of deciding to make a pie crust with the leftover graham crackers. Is that so wrong?


  1. oooh polyvore!

    those frames are so cute! and no, there is nothing wrong with some recycling :D

  2. I want these frames and pictures!!! They're absolutely gorgeous. And I love the pattern on that skirt - I love things which could be mistaken for tablecloths. Seriously!

  3. Lovely choices - I especially love the bracelet.

  4. Those mirrors are so great! I need a home so I can hang things on my walls.

  5. Oh, look! You made them look better already just by accepting them! : ) They were too cute to pass up, and I knew you'd do them better justice than I could. You're so creative.

    I so love that bracelet!


  6. very pretty things!


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