Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i love etsy

I probably talk about it too much, but it's so true. I've had a lot of adorable Etsy-encounters in the last couple of days. One of the greatest ways to shop on Etsy is the Shop Local feature. You can find sellers near you, and from there you can take it offline (if you so choose). Meet in person, bypass Paypal fees, etc.

All art by BettyTurbo

A couple of days ago I got a message from someone (Ms. BettyTurbo) in Nashville who saw that I was interested in trading items. She wanted a hat from my shop, and she offered me anything (of equal value) that I liked in her shop. To use her own words, her artwork is "mostly involving cake, ice cream, and moustaches..." How could I pass that up? I was completely thrilled! We met yesterday and did the trade-off. Now I have a bunch of awesome stationary! Yay!

I also got another message from a buyer in Nashville who wanted to know if we could meet somewhere so she can try on a pair of shoes in my shop. Answer: YES. Etsy (and internet), I love you.


  1. She has adorable themes.
    I love Etsy as's funny though, most of my friends have never heard of it...

  2. Etsy is a great place!lucky you having such talented "neighbours"!


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