Friday, March 6, 2009

another bright day

This week is turning out to be surprisingly great. Guess what I did? I won another piece of art from the Bright Side Project! And again, I highly suggest you participate in this wonderful thing. This time the artist was Amber Alexander. The question was What is your most interesting or vivid memory or fantasy involving a squirrel? And my winning answer was: "My most vivid memory of a squirrel... Wow, I didn't realize how many squirrel memories I had until now! I'd have to say the best story I have is actually about my sister. One time we were hiking with our family and she tricked a squirrel into thinking she had food, so he came up and bit her hand (fingers = food?). My grandma went on and on about how he probably had rabies, and then she tried to suck all the blood out of my sister's hand, just in case. Yikes, grandma!"

Tilly's Journey by Amber Alexander

If you know anything about my grandma, that story is doubly frightening. But it is true: up until I answered that question, I never realized how many squirrel stories I have. My mom had a pet squirrel named Roxy when she was growing up; one time it ate a bar of soap and then pooped all over the top of her canopy bed. My cousin had a squirrel named Paco when we were kids. He was nice. Have you ever held a squirrel? They're really... wiry & whiskery. Also, raccoons are nice to hold hands with. [I had another cousin who had a raccoon as a pet (and baby deer as well).]

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

We went to an estate sale this morning and all I bought were the above hangers, for a dollar. I think they'll be great for displaying things! The sale was in this amazing house (think mansion built in the 60s) owned by some guy that was the President of Aladdin Industries - or so I overheard. I would love to have the kitchen, but the rest of the house was just too big (pool, guesthouse, tennis court). And there were ladybugs in some rooms, which scares me. Real, live ladybugs. Like... an infestation.


  1. what a coinkydink, because i just learned this week that Aladdin Industries was in Nashville when i examined my friend's Thundercats tin lunchbox at work and noticed it said "Nashville, Tennessee" on it.

  2. Crazy story. My sister got bit my a squirrel once too--about 2 secs after I snapped a pic of her feeding it too! That painting is very cool

  3. Padded hangers! Fantastic! And that squirrel story is intense. I have no squirrel stories of my own to share. I don't think I've ever seen one. The boy tells me I have a squirrels' cheeks though. Ha.

  4. Oh, that picture is adorable!

    I had a pet squirrel growing up. I named him Beau Duke (aging myself here). But he lived outside "in the wild." (In the suburbs of Omaha - wild, yeah, right) He came over every day and I fed him out of my hand and he climbed on my lap. We had a teenage babysitter, and she looked out the window to check on me, saw the squirrel on my lap, and fainted.
    *Padded hangers! I haven't seen those in so long!


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