Friday, March 20, 2009

five senses friday

I've decided to play along with abby try again's Five Senses Friday! It's a neat idea. I'll just list a few items that sum up the last couple of days. And I have some pictures from today to show you!

The Parthenon
Inside of a giant old house having an estate sale (never seen so many rooms in a basement, or so many vintage clothes in BAD TASTE)
Justin and Diane, my brother-in-law and mother-in-law

Ceiling around the outside of the Parthenon

The door of the Parthenon.

On top of the Parthenon

Baking cherry pie
Thrift shops (and a creepy Army Surplus store)

Tons of laughter (I almost choked at dinner because of a Phil Collins singing incident)
Quiet conversations
Outbursts of, "Look at THIS!" - and inevitably, Robert and Justin would follow up with mocking: "I KNOW! IT'S SO ADORABLE!"

Sunshine and a breeze

las paletas!

Russian Rock cookies from my mom (raisins + walnuts + cinnamon + a little sugar)
Homemade cherry pie
Girl Scout Thin Mint popsicle from Las Paletas (it had the actual cookies in it!)

Overall, we had a really fun visit with Justin and Diane. They were only here for about 26 hours, but we packed in a lot of good stuff. Diane is so sweet and she loves vintage things (especially purses), so she really liked the idea of my Etsy shop and then she got into the thrifting mood... we dragged the boys along, and of course they ended up waiting for us in the car. Same thing for estate sales this morning. We went so many places and ate way too much food, and it's going to take a while to fully recover!


  1. thanks for the birthday wishes!

    i love this idea for a post!

  2. So creative! I think I especially liked imagining smell.

  3. Can you imagine living in a place with those big gargoyles? I wouldn't be able to sleep!

    Mega-creative post! Love the appeal to the senses.



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