Sunday, March 8, 2009

i am in love with pastels right now

For some reason I've completely overlooked the fact that we have an amazing little tree right outside our apartment. I didn't really notice until yesterday. I love flowering trees!

The sky always seems overcast here.

I like these flowers!

I think it's safe to say that Spring has arrived. I've been taking pictures all morning of the pretty pastel clothes I acquired on my adventures yesterday. I will be doing a [very slow] shop update throughout the afternoon. Here are some hints for you:

Check my Etsy shop for these things and more!

This morning I officially made my 10th sale. I know that's not a lot, but it feels pretty good for now! It's going steadily. I've finally found something I enjoy doing that I can do all by myself. First there's the hunt for the items: that part is really exciting. Then there's research: while identifying and pricing this vintage stuff, I'm learning all sorts of things! [such as: the difference between a wingtip and spectator shoe, how to identify eel skin, etc.] Next, the photos: I love that part most of all. And I enjoy playing dress up for the little photo shoots (just me and my tripod). It's an all-around lovely process.

I am finding more and more the need for a thrifting-friend, though. I used to have my sister or some other character to take along, but now I've just got Robert. And while he is helpful (he will often talk me out of bad purchases), he gets very bored by the whole thing. What a boy.


  1. That is a beautiful tree. It's freezing rain here. : (

    I love the fabric. Beautiful. (Poor Robert. Would it help if you took him out for ice cream after? kidding, kidding!)

  2. Pretty flowers! I just hope spring isn't teasing...

  3. hehe! That is how Alam is on all my bead store adventures I drag him along to. He's helpful for the first 10 minutes then he's bored for the next 2 hours I keep him there.

  4. Liz - That probably *would* help... haha!

    Ms. Clothes Horse - I hope not... :( That would make me sad!

    Bianca - Yes... Robert's fine for about 10 minutes, then he asks if he can sit in the car. Hahahaha. It's sad!!

  5. i'm jealous. spring is in the works here but pastel flowers have yet to be seen.


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