Friday, March 27, 2009

third time's a charm!

I'm feeling extremely fortunate. Last night I found out that another one of the Bright Side Project designers had chosen me as a winner!! I'd been thinking that the questions this month seemed more difficult, and that maybe it was some difference between artists and jewelry designers. But I managed to win again!

Cuff bracelet by stamp

The question posed was: Where is the most beautiful place you have visited? My answer: "I haven't ever been outside of America, so I feel like I can't compete with all these pretty descriptions! I think Middle Tennessee is beautiful. Rolling hills, flowering trees, little peeks at the Appalachian Mountains. Having grown up in [flat] Texas, I am enamored with big hills, and I can't believe houses are built on them!"

And it's very true: I still can't believe the hills around here. Driving on them scares me sometimes, but it's really exciting! Anyway, check out the Bright Side Project if you haven't already- the prizes are getting bigger! It's such a sweet idea.


  1. That's so cool that you won again! I have to check this site out.

  2. congrats!
    in California, there are mountains and hills, and to built cities, you have to climb (it seems like) hills to just get to a corner.

    your answer was so beautiful too!

  3. That bracelet is fantastic--I think you've convinced me to check this contest out!


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