Monday, March 9, 2009

two little ducklings

Look what arrived in the mail today! Peesh, Amber Alexander, you shipped that really fast! Thank you!

I love it so much that I found a frame and hung it up immediately. Robert likes it as well, so I let him decide where to hang it. He totally called the bedroom, you guys. That's serious business. We are so lazy that we've never ever had any wall decorations in our bedroom. He even agreed to be photographed with it! I think he might have a fever (or he's turning into a koala) today.

Today is a day to get things done. We went for a car inspection-- necessary before I can get the Tennessee license plates for my car-- and I finished listing everything I own on Etsy. [You may notice a yellow sweater featured in a lot of the photos. I'm in love with it but I'm letting it go.] I'm going to an interview tomorrow!


  1. Maybe he is turning into a koala. I see some fur growing around the jawline, there.

    : P

  2. @Liz- I think you're right!!!

    @Sarah- Robert's friend brought that back from Thailand as a souvenir!


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