Sunday, March 22, 2009

cheekwood botanical gardens

We went to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens yesterday- admission is free this weekend! And I am all about free fun things. It was a beautiful afternoon and we just walked around looking at things. Many, many photographic opportunities there. We had a very good time except for about 10 minutes between the point where I realized I'd dropped my jacket and (we backtracked) the point where we found it hanging on a sign. Thank you, nice person somewhere!

These things were neat. I neglected to note what all the plants I photographed were!

I really, really enjoy tiny things.

Gazebo ceiling. Looks like it's spinning.

Bright flowers and pretty stones.

The Japanese Gardens were the neatest part.

I spy something!

Creepy sphinx!

Oh, that's just me.

I've been really lazy in the last couple of days, glued to the computer screen. I finally got to read my husband's second book, which he's been working on for a while now (he's in the process of querying literary agents to represent the first one). This was really exciting for me because I didn't even know what it was about. And I'm insanely proud of him for writing a book that I couldn't stop reading-- I really couldn't wait to see what was going to happen, and I wasn't disappointed. I even got so scared last night that I had to run into the other room and jump in his lap. Hahaha! It's a YA sci-fi (or speculative fiction) book. But it's thrilling!


  1. Your outfit is darling. I love the longer plaid peeking out at the bottom. The garden looks gorgeous too.

  2. I love garden walks, and you are so cute in that navy coat.

    Funny because my husband is a writer too! He is constantly working and writing for this or that and there is always something to read haha!

    Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

  3. Hi! I'm so glad I've finally followed you over here from LJ. Your photos are amazing and congrats to hubby for writing a wonderful book. I've been eating up YA fiction. It wasn't very good when I was a YA. I read things like the hobbit. Which was one of the few great books then~ anyway, sending you a letter soon!!


  4. My boyfriend loves sci-fi so when it gets published (which I'm sure he will) let me know so I can get a copy for him. :)


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