Monday, March 23, 2009

best deals ever

I made the most amazing discovery today: the Goodwill Outlet store. I wasn't aware that buying shoes and clothes by the pound (at $1.39 per pound) was an option, but now I know... and I am addicted. The shoes weren't very appealing to browse through: each pair was rubber banded together and they were all thrown in big bins together, unsorted. It was actually kind of disgusting, because you have to put your hands on a lot of other dirty shoes to find the good ones, but that's why I keep hand sanitizer in my car! Here's what I got.

I couldn't pass these up, even though they're silly!

Oh yes.

These are kind of cute.

I also saw a substantial amount of cowboy boots and neat vintage heels I wished to buy, but they were all in fairly bad shape. I only bought things I knew could be cleaned up easily and that were in good condition. And clothes? Oh yes, I bought clothes. Each item cost about 30 cents (shoes averaged $1.20/pair)! I've tried them all on (and pulled a muscle in my arm with some zealous self-zippering) and am pleased with everything. I'll take pictures tomorrow when I've got more sunlight and time!


  1. Those star shoes are awesome. I need to find a Goodwill Outlet store near me...

  2. Those boots (second photo) are awesome!

  3. A Goodwill Outlet? Jackpot!!

    Those shoes are so cute!! I love them all, even the crazy ones, haha!

    I can't wait for your post tomorrow!

  4. Wow wow wow wow. That is awesome. How are the star ones not your favorite? Do any of those fit me? I hope so. I will buy them.

  5. I'm so glad everyone loves them! :)


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