Friday, March 13, 2009

box of goodies

Fridays are officially Estate Sale days for me. We had a late start this morning, but did make it over to one sale. I only bought one thing! And it's all mine.

A big tin full of sewing supplies!

I seriously can't resist vintage buttons and sewing things. There were other sewing bits for sale (including a plastic orange thread kit EXACTLY like the one I have), but I thought this would be a good catch-all. I love looking through other people's sewing boxes.

Here are some of my favorite buttons.

Cute old seam rippers.

Lots of ways to measure things (check out that super old tape!)

I'm especially excited because last night (while not sleeping, again) I thought of some neat ways to make jewelry out of old fabric and buttons. I may give that a try this weekend.


  1. I love all the stuff you find! That super old tape is wonderful! It look vintage enough to be displayed!

  2. O my! You really are Estate Sale queen. I should really investigate those in NZ.

  3. This looks like all sorts of fun projects!


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