Saturday, March 7, 2009


The weather here has really warmed up in the last couple of days (it's 74 degrees F)! It's such an improvement: I can't believe it snowed less than a week ago. [At least Tennessee weather is similar to Texas weather as far as unpredictability.] Here is my tribute to the weather. Please don't be disappointed that I'm wearing 2 shades of black. I can't help it.

Outfit Details:
t-shirt: woot
short pants: Lux // Buffalo Exchange
bear headband: elizabetheff on etsy (she is a darling)
bracelet: ? I went through a really big violet thing for a while

I think it's a sad shame that I have so many t-shirts. But I can't resist a cute t-shirt. And I don't know what shoes to wear with this outfit. But we're going a-thrifting now!


  1. There is no such thing as having too many tee's. I think flats would look super cute with that outfit!

  2. haha T-shirts are staple. Who cares if there's too many! and I wish my tees looked cute.. most of them are like t-shirts from organizations though

  3. Thank you, Emz and Diana, for confirming that t-shirts are OKAY! :)


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