Thursday, March 5, 2009


I've been:

trying to figure out where to hang this amazing wall organizer I got at a thrift store,

spying little flowers,

sending out retro-kitchen packages for swap-bot,

wearing big earrings,

working on a sewing project,

trying to figure out if this is a scarf or a shawl,

and checking out library books simply because I love the cover designs!

Tomorrow will be our 3-week anniversary of living in Nashville! It feels like much longer. I'm trying to stay busy and not be antsy, but sometimes I feel I've just been downright lazy and that makes me sad. My dear friend Dil told me last night that "there's a thin line between free and lost." I'm trying to stay on the free side of it.

I went out and applied for 2 jobs this morning (a pottery studio and Anthropologie; I can't help it, I want to live in that store). It makes me feel like I did when I was 18 and looking for a job. It's easier this time around, because I love talking to people now and I do have skillz. But it's so hard to fill out paper applications when I honestly can't fit my experience into the little boxes. I'm great with awkward situations - like the time I went to a house inspection and our client got mad at me because he thought my boss would be there, and everyone looked at me like I was a little kid... and then this lady threw up in the middle of the room to prove how sick the house made her and we all had to pretend like it was normal. How do you fit THAT onto a job application? I can handle just about anything, dudes.


  1. Those are really cute big earrings!

  2. That wall organizer is amazing.
    Also, CRAZY work story. That situation sounds insane--some people don't know how to behave!

  3. @Emz - Thank you!

    @Ms. Clothes Horse - Yes, you are very right that some people don't know how to behave! I was reminded of that constantly when I worked for a lawyer. So glad I'm out of that! :)


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