Saturday, March 28, 2009

lace and lights

You've probably noticed that lately all of the pictures I take are in a corner. I apologize, but really-- it has the best natural light! I would move to the right, but there's a table in the way. And if I came forward, I would trip over a bicycle. It's a tricky little space.

Outfit details:
dress: vintage from Etsy
slip: flea market
tights: Target?
boots: thrifted

Yesterday I got a cute little package full of ribbons and buttons in the mail. There was some amazing lace, and I had the idea to sew it along the hem of a boring, pink polyester skirt. Here are the color combinations I like- which do you think is best? Should I go with the classic white lace or try one of the pastel colors?

Oh, and two little side notes:

Earth Hour is tonight (March 28th)! To participate: at 8:30 p.m. (your time zone), turn the lights off for an hour. Nashville is one of the key cities participating this year, and I've read about a lot of different events we could go to. One group is doing a flashlight hike downtown, a couple of coffee shops are inviting people over (Bongo Java is having a movie night, which seems to defeat the purpose), and there's a "star party" at Adventure Science Center. I think we'll probably end up staying home and hanging out by candlelight! Can you think of anything fun to do without electricity? I wish we had marshmallows to roast (yes, over candles).

If you were looking for a good time to jump into The Bright Side Project, I think today is your day. They're offering up some amazing hats, and the question is a good one! All you have to do is leave a comment with your answer, the winner is announced a week later, and there's a place to check if you've won. Good times!


  1. Your dress is so cute!
    That is a good lighting spot, I have a lot of random corners, too!

    Thanks for the comment! This is my third model of a Polaroid Land camera! Very exciting!

  2. The slip peeking out the hem of your dress is magic! Unfortunately I completely forgot about Earth Hour until 10 pm on Saturday night. Eeek!


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