Thursday, May 21, 2009

questions answered, part 2

I'm going to answer the rest of the questions today! I'm saving anything romance-related for tomorrow, which happens to be my 1 year wedding anniversary! We can wait one day to get sappy, right?

Ana B. had a good question: "You and Me. Karaoke. What song would you choose for us to duet?"

This is a tough one! I've never really done karaoke-- unless singing in Rock Band counts, but I think it's different. Sometimes Robert and I sing duets around the house (hilarious, I know). We like singing "Been All Around the World" as performed by the Pixies here. I get all the Kim Deal parts! But if you and I were singing together, I would want to pick something more exciting and ridiculous! Help me out! I'm drawing a blank.

Diana asked about my diet/exercise regimen, and if I'm vegetarian.

Nope, not a vegetarian. But I do love vegetables-- that's a new addition to my life. When I was a kid I refused to eat any vegetables. Actually, I refused to eat any vegetables until Robert started cooking for me [and I became much healthier]! I must confess that I don't really exercise. Although I'm small, I'm also very squishy. I do try to walk to as many places as I can instead of driving, but the rest is just genes and diet, I suppose. When I'm being good, my basic rules consist of these things: drink water instead of anything else - definitely no soda [think of it as a treat, not an every day thing]; no dessert unless you spend a long time making something fancy [I break this one a lot but I try not to]; 3 real meals a day - no snacks - and eat as little processed food as possible. I think cooking at home is very important! It's the most healthy way to eat, and cheaper too.


Quick aside: I've been telling Robert we should start a food blog-- he could write and I could take pictures. Does that sound like a good idea? For a while last year we were doing a little project with a toy robot and our adventures to the farmer's market, but I think we got bored with that.

Liz had the following questions:

What was the last thing that made you cry?

I haven't had a big cry in a while, but I think I did cry a little [yesterday] when watching the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where her mom dies. Hey, you asked!! Thinking about funerals at all makes me feel very sad-- I've been to too many.

If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?"

If I were going to choose an animal to be, I think it would be a baby sloth or koala. Slow and cute, please. Possibly a lemur. I can't explain why - but probably it's because those are the animals I would like to hug most.

Anna at muchlove wanted to know:

What was your best vintage find/purchase?

There's another tough question! It's very hard to say, since each vintage find can be so exciting in its own way. There's a certain thrill to going in a shop and looking through things, or the pure joy of discovering something old that belonged to a family member. Here are two examples: shoes from a vintage shop, and a box full of jewelry that my mom had.

Do you tell people (friends/family) about your blog?

Not everyone. It's general knowledge with my sister and my online friends, but I don't talk about it with many other people. It's not really a secret-- I make sure that I wouldn't mind anyone finding it... I just know that certain people wouldn't quite get it.

When is your birthday?

August 24th! A little over 3 months away, and I'll be turning 23 next.

Well, that was fun [at least for me]! Thanks to everyone who gave me a question to think about! I hope it was a nice experience for you as well.


  1. Great Q&A's!

    I think the Karaoke song you pick should definitely be something from the 80's... how about Tracy Ullman's 'They Don't Know'? I love that song and the Pixies. I've seen them twice in concert!

    Your B should definitely start a cooking blog. I'm horrible at cooking so I would tune in just so I could possibly learn a thing or two. And I agree on the importance of water and veggies. Especially mushrooms. Yum!

    When Buffy's mom died I was really devastated too. So I can very much relate to the crying :)

    Also, only about 4 to 5 people from my everyday life know about my blog too. I don't think everyone would get it either?

    Looking forward to tomorrow's 1 year anniversary post! Congratulations dear Rebecca, hope your week has gone really well!xo

  2. Happy Anniversary to you guys. Wow a year went by fast huh? :)

  3. hahaha! i love ana b's question!

    ah, yes, i can't compete with my genes, but those mushrooms look good! i love veggies, too but if i even look at food, i gain like ten lbs!

    you found some amazing things but i don't think i have ever seen that jewelery! it's absolutely wonderful and i hope you keep it as an heirloom to your kids!

  4. yay, thanks for answering the questions!! :) It's so nice to learn more about you. I'm jealous of your AMAZING jewellery box!

    aww, can't wait to see what you post about your anniversary :)

  5. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

    I didn't eat veggies as a kid, either. Hated them. I still hate broccoli. The smell makes me ill, but I steam it for Gary and the kids.

    Love the animal picks. It would be amazing to hug a koala!

    My husband's birthday is two days before yours. : )


  6. Happy Anniversary! Great questions too (and of course I enjoyed reading your answers).

    I hope you can help! I will be adding more details soon. :)

  7. your diet plan sounds quite similar to mine! especially not eating dessert unless it's something you specially make for yourself! no packaged little debbies for me!

    congratulations on your one year anniversary!

  8. my birthday is August 25th! yay virgo buddy! yeah im gonna be a little older than 23 but we wont go into that!
    YES food photo entry blog thingy! yes good idea!

  9. I would sing the heck out of the Pixie's with you any day, cutie! And you and I are August babies!


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