Friday, January 23, 2009



Today was kind of exciting. My mom helped me get rid of some unnecessary furniture, and then we headed into town. We had lunch at IKEA and walked around a while. Then we went to Retropolis, which is the best vintage store in Houston. It's a two story building packed full of exciting clothes - it's nearly impossible to look at everything. I stopped looking around when I found these shoes.

I've been wanting to get more vintage shoes that don't hurt my feet! I think these are pretty neat.

We got very tired after walking around so much. So it was obvious that we had to stop next door at Cricket's Creamery and get gelato. Yum yum!


  1. Those shoes are beyond amazing, my friend.

  2. The shoes are super cute. And ... HELLO ... I love the tights!

  3. I really need to find a vintage shop in my city. Even if we don't buy anything we can always spend a great time admiring such beautiful things. *

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    Too funny: My husband used my laptop earlier and didn't sign out. I got on and went to your site to see what pictures you had up (I love your pictures). Was about to comment on what fantastic shoes those were and say that I just have to have those white boots on the left side of the purse in the top picture when I realized *I was still on my husband's profile!* Now that would have been awkward. *ha ha*

    Anyway, great shoes. Love the boots and the pics. Your blog is always so cheerful. It's a pleasure to pop in.


  5. Everybody - thank you for your comments! :D

  6. I would get lost in the boots section - my weakness! Love your shoes though!

    Via swap-bot :-)


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