Wednesday, January 28, 2009

old stuff

I got some exciting free stuff today! I like it when that happens. I also bought a really neat 60s style dresser that I'm going to repaint, and I got a dress in the mail! But let's focus on the free stuff.

I was at my mom's and I noticed this little box hanging out in her bedroom.

Aha! It's full of costume jewelry!!!

Shiny things to be looked at!!

Apparently this all used to belong to a lady I've known my whole life who died a few years ago. I'm sure I've been through it before, but I guess I wasn't interested back then. However, seeing how I'm kind of trying to replace my wardrobe piece by piece with vintage stuff...

She said I could take any of it, but this was all I wanted.

I never wear a watch because they always seem big and clunky or silly looking. But this one is tiny and dainty. And I have to wind it up every day! That's really appealing to me.

I also got some old flour sacks from my grandma- she seems to have a neverending supply of them. They all have the best patterns ever! I think it'd be neat to make a quilt from them.


  1. Those patterns are darling, they would definitely make a lovely quilt.

  2. I love those patterns, are they flour sacks or fabrics? Unbelievable! Love your blog.

    Annessa @swap-bot

  3. That watch is stunning! Gorgeous!

    Via swap-bot :-)

  4. Nesa - they're flour sacks! In the 1930s and 40s [I think], different things like flour and horse feed came in sacks made of colorful fabric - a lot of people [including my grandma's family] would then use that fabric to make clothes and dresses!


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