Wednesday, May 6, 2009

hand sewn cards

I know the date varies in some countries, but Mother's Day is coming up here in America: May 10th, don't forget! In the past, my family would just go out to lunch and my sister and I would pay for our mom's meal and give her a card or something. It's never really been a big deal, but this is my first time to live very far from my mom, so I figured I would send her something special! Robert and I decided to take care of our presents and mail them out yesterday, just so they're not late.

I made a card out of felt. You may notice that it's incredibly similar to this card I made for my grandma back in February. I'm lazy like that! But I knew my mom would really love it, and I was going for simplicity anyway.

It's an incredibly easy thing to do. I just took a square of felt, folded it in half and did a simple stitch along the edge to make it like a card. Cut out some circles, some leaf shapes... I think I was going for a pansy-ish flower.

The inside! In the past I've tried sewing [thick] paper into the card so I could write on it, but this time I thought a big heart would be enough. I wrote a little note separately. A hand-sewn message would have been cute, but I don't have the patience for things like that. I haven't been doing much sewing lately, and I guess it's because I get so distracted from projects! I like things that take 30 minutes at most. Any longer than that and I'm likely to give up.

I also included a soap dish that I hand painted at the pottery studio... It wasn't pretty enough to show around here, but I bet my mom will like it! And hopefully I'll get better at painting so I can show off my skills!

Of course, this morning I saw some really beautiful cards made of felt on Paper*Cakes Finds... Perhaps one day my patience will expand and I can think about doing things like that! Ha!


  1. aww its sweet and i know she will love love love it !!
    you are a good daughter :)

  2. I love your felt card idea, it's very sweet that you made it for her. I'm going to have to get started on my mom's gift also... thank you for the inspiration! xo

  3. What a gorgeous idea - i went scouring the shops for cards yesterday and found nothing - just cheesy poems and things!! I'll have to go home and try this!!

  4. this is adorable! i am not much of a diy person, but i can do this! thanks for the tip, and the best part is felt is really cheap!

  5. i had an ambush giveaway and you won!


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