Sunday, May 17, 2009

questions answered, part 1

Today I'm going to answer some questions (because I know you're all just waiting on the edge of your seats)! I think it will be easiest to tackle the fashion questions first. So, here we go!

2005? (Had to crop out an undesirable!) Long hair!

Diane asked, "Have you always been into vintage fashion or was it an acquired taste?" Similarly, Liz asked, "How did you get into vintage fashion?"

I'd always been into shopping and dressing up, but it wasn't so much a personal statement-- just something I thought was part of being a girl. My mom was very thrifty and we shopped at garage sales and resale shops a lot, but it wasn't until high school that I got into vintage clothes. When one of my friends started driving, we began venturing into downtown Houston on the weekends. We found Buffalo Exchange (along with some other clothing exchange shops like Leopard Lounge and Taxi Taxi), and dressing up in vintage [or just plain weird] clothes became our hobby. I was really into it for a few years, but getting an office job messed it up for me. Suddenly I needed professional clothes and the kind of vintage I was wearing definitely didn't fit into that category. I retained a certain sense of vintage style (mostly on the weekends), but it's just in the past few months that I've been trying to make it a daily thing - I'd like everything in my closet to be vintage!

Gabbi said, "I wanted to ask where you came up with the 'telephone ghost' name for your etsy shop."

Good question! I guess I was mostly inspired by pieces of the poem Marriage by Gregory Corso [read it if you have time - I think it's probably the best poem ever]. It contains a lot of random phrases like apple deaf, christmas teeth, penguin dust... and I sort of combined two of them: telephone snow & ghost parking. Telephone and Ghost - those are words I just like! Plus, I imagine a little ghost trying to talk on the phone (in a friendly way), and that amuses me.

That also leads into Diane's other question: "What's your favorite book and why?"

The Journals of Sylvia Plath, without a doubt. I discovered her when I was in high school (ah yes, that is apparently when my whole personality was shaped!). I was really into the Beat Generation at the time - one of my teachers had suggested I do a report on Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg (and I already loved what I had read of Gregory Corso). I was reading anything by any Beat writer that I could find. Sylvia Plath doesn't exactly fall into that scene, but one day when I was in the poetry section of a bookstore, I saw her Journals and picked them up. Just by skimming I could tell she was a very relatable character, and I asked for the book for my birthday. I carried it around at school, my whole senior year, and basically thought about how Sylvia and I could have been best friends. I love reading diary-type books, and these are actually her real journals. I now have the Unabridged version, and I still haven't made it all the way through. But there is just so much to her writing, to her experiences. I love her.

Well, I hope some of that was informative and interesting! I don't want to overwhelm everyone with too much information all at once, so I'll save the other questions for another time (but don't worry - I will definitely answer them all!). Happy Sunday!


  1. Wow, Buffalo exchange sounds like a dream! Especially as a teenager I imagine? You get sick of your clothing so quickly back then I remember. Also, I love the story behind Telephoneghost. I'd never read the poem before. I also really like the idea of small friendly ghost trying to talk on the phone. This was a nice post, thank you for sharing! Going to have to find the Journals of Sylvia Plath... :)

  2. I love Buffalo Exchange! That shop is an inspiration for me as well!
    I read so much Sylvia Plath in high school, too! She is a bit heavy for me now, but it was great for the time

  3. aww love that pic of you with the braids!
    wonderful little info on you how fun!

  4. I think I might have to pick up The Journals of Sylvia Plath now. She seems like a really interesting person to read about, and I loved The Bell Jar!


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