Friday, May 22, 2009

one year down

Robert and I have been married for 1 year today! It feels very strange to be a year away from our wedding, and yet I'm glad to be here. I think I can safely say this has been the happiest year of my life! And I'm pretty sure the next one will be even better. A few people asked how we met, and about our love story and whatnot, so I thought today would be a nice time to share!

I've actually known Robert since I was about 16 years old. My sister had a friend who talked to him online and told us about the funny stories he wrote. We became avid fans - I think you would have, too. (His old stories aren't all online anymore, but my favorite was about Fred Savage and some Cabbage Patch Dolls who were hungry for penguins, complete with pictures.) We read each other's online journals and chatted occasionally. Nothing too huge!

In 2005, we met for the first time. This was also not a big deal-- my sister and my mom and I went to Memphis for some church thing, and we thought it would be neat to meet up with Robert since that's where he lived (we lived in Houston!) We met and had dinner, and that was that! I was super-shy at the time, so we barely even talked.

But a year later, my sister and I decided that we wanted to go on a road trip by ourselves for Spring Break. It only seemed natural to repeat the trip to Memphis, since we were still buddies with Robert.

The famous "chumbly cake" which we invented by email and then ate in real life.

We got to know each other a little bit better that time, but it was still just a friends thing because we each were in what we considered to be serious relationships at the time. Memphis just became the fun place for Sarah and I to go each Spring Break (even after we didn't officially have "spring break"). Robert made us yummy food, we watched stupid movies... plus who can turn down a 10 hour drive and a hotel stay? Not I!

Between the 2006 and 2007 visits, Robert and I both broke up with our significant others. We became really close at that time because we both needed someone to talk to, and we started calling each other on the phone a lot. I had also just started my office job, and he helped me pass the days away by emailing and chatting, all day every day. He became my favorite person. So I was especially psyched to see him on our yearly visit, though I still wasn't expecting anything romantic. I was kind of floored when he just kissed me one day. There was a lot of handholding. And when we returned home, I was thinking, "Hmm. That was confusing. But I like him. What does it mean??"

Well, it became increasingly clear to me that he was, in fact, the best human being in the entire world. We never even talked about what happened, but he did start asking me to marry him a lot (jokingly), especially when I would send him cookies in the mail. So when his birthday came up a couple of months later, Sarah and I planned an impromptu visit for that weekend. And I guess the rest is history. We expressed our undying love for each other, etc.

Of course, there was that pesky 10-hour road trip between us. So Robert planned his own visit to Texas to see me a couple of months later. We had such a good time!

We were very silly. And I had red hair at the time.

He came back again a couple of months later, for my birthday. We were sort of talking about me moving up to Memphis, but my family put a stop to that - they didn't approve at all. So... when Robert lost his job a little bit later, I felt bad for him but at the same time I was excited. He needed to move to me, of course. And he did. He spent a while fixing up his house, and then he put it up for sale. Even though the economy was starting to get pretty bad, it sold in TWO DAYS! [It was an adorable house, by the way, and I wish he still had it!!] My mom and I bought plane tickets and flew up to Memphis to help him move to Texas. Yes, we rented a truck and drove all his furniture back... and then I moved back into my parents' house while he lived in my apartment. [We had to do everything very tidy & proper.]

Trying times, my friends! But we made it through. Once Robert found a job, he got his own apartment and I was able to move back into mine. We spent every second together that we could, and things just got better and better. He went back to Memphis for Christmas, and I think that's when we decided we needed to get married. We missed each other so much and had horrible holidays. So we began scheming. We kind of had to scheme because my parents didn't want me to marry him [for religious reasons]. Everything was actually very hard, and we were only happy when we were together. So on Valentine's Day, 2008, Robert gave me the engagement ring that I'd picked out at a pawn shop. Then we endured many freak-outs as everyone noticed I was wearing a ring! But we kept on, because we knew it was so right for us.

Just before the wedding. We were hanging out. Everyone else was being ridiculous.

We planned the wedding around the end of my apartment lease, in May. Originally the plan was just to go to the courthouse, but the judge actually called and canceled the wedding a week ahead! So I went into planning mode and we had the wedding at our apartment complex, by the pool... conducted by another judge I knew. Very small, family only (because I just wanted it to be quick). We made all the food for the reception ourselves, and then we drove off for a road trip honeymoon! (Can you tell I like road trips?) The wedding was actually pretty classy, by my standards.

We made Mexican Wedding Cookies instead of cake. So good!

Since then, things have been great. So much has changed... but all for better! I don't regret any of it. Last night I came home from my new job [which I'm *loving* by the way] to find that Robert had made brownies for me. All I could think is, "this is so much better than what was going on a year ago, the night before the wedding." It was not fun. But everything is fun now, especially since we quit our jobs and moved far away from everyone! I highly recommend that you try it, at least once in your life.

Gross! Kisses!

We're going on another mini-road trip this weekend, so I probably won't post until next week!


  1. ok that was the cutest story thank you so much for sharing this !!!
    you guys are adorable and sound like all the hiccups were worth it yay for love :)
    happy one years guys! congrats!
    whatever bumps their on the road ahead just remember that you are walking on this journey side by side looking in the same direction;
    dont ever think that you are against each other because when a problem comes up remember that its you two on one side and the roblem on the other!
    may you be continued to be so blessed!

  2. Wow! That was a really sweet story! CONGRATULATIONS!
    You two are very cute together!

  3. What an adorable story. I'm so glad you two persevered (now that I read it all and I feel personally invested :) ). Happy anniversary! I hope you have many more to come.

  4. thank you for sharing your love story!
    since technology was involved, it seems kind of nice to be part of a generation that used email and the 'net to help fall in love!
    you make a great couple, and congrats to one year and many more!

  5. This was one heck of a love story, hun. Thanks for being so open and candid. I love that your boy bakes for you. Sounds like each of you both found yourselves a good one!

  6. Rebecca, your story is so romantic and nice. Thank you for sharing it! I love the photo of the two of you standing back to back, you made me laugh. Not in bad way of course, it as more because you look like a couple of superheroes ready to take on the world and it sounds like that's exactly what you've done. Congratulations and many wishes and blessings to you both for all the years to come. Sincerely.

  7. awww, you guys are so cute together :)
    once again, congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!

  8. aww I loved reading this! congrats on your first year!<3

  9. This is such a lovely story!! I'm so glad things worked out well for you both - i'm having an anniversary with my partner tomorrow too!! Happy one year wedding anniversary :)

  10. Thanks for sharing this with us, it's so wonderful! I love the wedding cookies.

  11. Hey darlings, I hope it was all worth it. Because now I am going to come to Nashville and break you guys up so I can re-marry you. lulZ!!1 Rebecca. Remember when we were married? It was such a nice time in our lives. Is it weird that two sisters married each other? I don't think so. I MISS YOU. I WOULD BAKE YOU BROWNIES TOO, PLUS DO YOUR LAUNDRY. hahahah. JK.

    Robert, happy birthday! I am going to call you in a little while to say hello.

    PS - Mr. Bob S. told me that he may be sending you something for your birthday, but you know how unreliable he can be. We'll see!

  12. Aw, such a sweet story. & I love the side by side picture of you two. Happy anniversary!

  13. Sigh. What a sweet story! It would make a wonderful book. Thank you for sharing. Happy Anniversary (again) and Happy B-day to your hubs.


  14. I love hearing stories like this. One year! That's so sweet. (I feel SO OLD!) Barbara

  15. Gahhhhhhh. So frickin' cute! I remember when you first came up here for the church thing. That seems like so long ago! You guys are so cute, and you give me hope that things between Joel and I can work out. :D

  16. that is a truly lovely story. You guys look adorable together :)


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