Saturday, May 9, 2009

etsy crushes

I'm having a busy and lazy weekend (if that's possible), complete with strawberry pie. But I don't really have anything to show for it, so I'm going to share some Etsy favorites today! Here are a few items that I have serious crushes on.

This dress from RedoRedux

These comfy-looking wedges from HuggaTree

Same shoes, different color - from shopambrosia

The shoes are called Outdorables by Daniel Green. Apparently it's a company that made slippers, and an Etsy search for them is pretty interesting! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

EDIT (4:54 p.m.) - Even though it's been raining every day lately, this afternoon turned out to be really sunny and beautiful! We just walked to the library, and I'm sad that I didn't bring my camera along because on the way home we saw some rabbits! One of them was a little baby. That's why you always carry a camera!


  1. You have the best taste! I really like that blue dress and the wedges!

    I know exactly what you mean by saying lazy and busy! it's like pulling teeth with myself to get a list of endless stuff going!

  2. I love your Etsy crsuhes, especially that dress! Your bunnies sound adorable... I lost my iphone a few months ago and that's what I would use when taking photos, so I don't have a camera on me either. Seriously sucks :) Today I took some photos and had to use my brothers phone.

  3. Awwww. What I would do to see little bunny rabbits hopping away!

  4. I love the blue dress !!
    Cute blog !

  5. Oh! Oh! Oh! *jumps up and down*

    I have those shoes in red! : )
    (but they're not from the same maker)


  6. Liz - LUCKY!! :) That style of shoe is so cute!


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