Monday, May 11, 2009

weekend adventures

This past weekend turned out to be fairly interesting. It started on Friday, when we met up with one of Robert's old friends for lunch. For the first time since we moved to Nashville, we ate at a restaurant. That's right, we haven't been out to eat since February. You don't have to feel sorry for me because I'm married to a first rate chef-dude, but it was kind of cool! We had lunch at the Mellow Mushroom, which is regionally famous for pizza. It was pretty tasty, though I will admit that Robert was right when he whispered, "I make better pizza crust."

And then Friday night we had another friend over to watch Dollhouse and eat leftover pizza along with a delicious homemade strawberry pie. There's definitely no lack of yummy food around here. We stayed up too late and spent the next day being sleepy. I skipped a garage sale that had vintage clothes. So when I saw an ad online for a sale Sunday, I thought I'd better go. Especially because this sale offered "Vintage Clothes, Taxidermy, Religious Art, Burlesque & Bellydance Costuming" - how could I resist?

I'm so glad I went! It wasn't an estate sale, but rather an indoor sale held by a group of friends... who just happened to be burlesque dancers. I guess they're getting out of that scene, because they were selling everything (including posters for their shows). Racks of pin-up-worthy clothes, boxes of old snowglobes, stacks of magazines from the 50s and 60s, stuffed squirrels and religious items (as promised). I don't really know how all those things are related, but it was a very interesting experience. I wish I could have bought more things! Here are a few of the things I got.

This skirt. (Blouse still available here!)

This adorable sweater (though I'm not sure the peach color suits me).


I am most excited about the shoes, which fit me. They're probably the only thing I will keep. I can't really do high-waisted skirts (do not enjoy my tummy being constricted), but I bought a few for my etsy shop. I also got another surprise which I will reveal later in the week!


  1. jackpot! wonderful items!! and i cant wait to know what the surprise is ---you tease!!

  2. I love your new shoes Rebecca! They're so cute... especially those shoelaces with tiny dart details. Adorable. Your weekend sounds nice. I'm so jealous of you not going out to dinner since February. I wish I could do that? I need a handsome guy who can cook too :) Also, do you like 'Dollhouse'? I keep seeing the show advertised but haven't seen it. If recommended I will most definitely try to see it.

    Looking forward to the big surprise! xo

  3. Love the yellow and Navy combo!! You've got an award too!!

  4. That sale sounds amazing. Also, that sounds like a group of friends I would like to become pals with! How many interesting stories must they have!

  5. It sounds like a lovely weekend! & while my boyfiend doesn't make pizza crust (wow!), he is a pretty good cook so I know where you're coming from on that one!

  6. Wow I love your shoes and your dress on the second image !!

  7. i love the second photo of you!

    i have been meaning to get into that show, but this totally helps to step it up to watch it!


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