Sunday, May 3, 2009

a few more dresses

Another little update for my Etsy shop today! Here are a few peeks at things I will be adding this afternoon. They're all handmade vintage dresses, except for one which has a Sears tag. The funny thing about it is that there are three handmade dresses which I can tell were copied from the Sears dress pattern! So cute.

This pin comes with the dress to cover a rust spot.

Schoolgirl fashion!

Check out this fabric!

I am enjoying an incredibly lazy weekend. I'm excited that it's May because that means I'll start training for my new job soon (pottery studio) and we'll start receiving vegetables weekly from our CSA share! Also, we've got a birthday (Robert's) and an anniversary this month... looks like good times ahead!


  1. May sounds very exciting and your dresses are lovely. I love the idea of covering a small imperfection with a pretty pin.

    Hope your having a great weekend.xo

  2. Rebecca you are sooo not going to believe it but you won on the BSP AGAIN! You won the caramels I haven't posted all the winners ye but I thought it was funny that you are a genius at answering these questions, lol. Email me your address:

  3. sounds like this is an exciting month for you!

    thanks for ordering the necklace! I'll send you the black one later today :)

  4. I love these dresses!

    I've heard about CSA share. I was thinking of trying that. Is that where you pay to get veggies directly from sellers? Tell me how you like it!


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