Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day!

I was going to post about an exciting burlesque yard sale I went to today (not even joking), but that suddenly seemed inappropriate! [But just wait until tomorrow - I have some neat things to show you!] A few bloggers have been posting old pictures of their mothers, and it's adorable! So I figured I would join in on that. Sorry for the bad quality on these - I scanned them in a few years back. For more, see this post.

In the '70s.

Nice shorts, Mom! Holding one of my cousins.

1985. She looks really tired - probably because she was pregnant with me.

I love my mom! She's really fun most of the time. :) She and my sister are coming to visit us at the beginning of June!


  1. I'm sure you looking fwd to June...your mom has lovely long hair. CHEERs to our mommies!!

  2. your mom is so pretty!

  3. Normally I think you look so much like her, but in that last picture I really see Sarah!

  4. your mom is beautiful! I love seeing old photos.

  5. Your and your mother look so similar! The hair and the amazing bone structure!

    Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  6. How lovely! You and your mom have the same nose : ) I got my mom's nose, too. Thank goodness I didn't get my dad's!

    I love all the pics. Your mom's expression on the last one is PRICELESS!

  7. i hope you had an amazing mother's day!

    your mom looks so cool in that dress!

    also, don't you love how the old photos already had the round corners?

  8. Lovely photographs, your Mom is beautiful! xo


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