Saturday, February 14, 2009

my parents

The other day when my mom came over to help us pack up, she brought some pictures that she'd found at my grandma's house recently. I was quick to take my own photos of them so she could have them back. [Just the first two - the last two are scans I did a while back... my parents have tons of photographic evidence of the fun they had in the 70s]

This one was damaged in a flood, but I think it looks amazing.

I've never seen color photos from my parents' wedding- they only had black and white. But this one resurfaced, and I think it's really neat. My mom got married when she was 17 (in 1972), and her mom made the wedding dress - you can't tell in this photo, but it's a mini dress.

Side braid?!

My parents waited about 10 years to have kids. So we missed out on the 70s and got to enjoy part of the 80s - especially the part where my mom did great things with her hair. I think she eventually cut it because when I was little I would intentionally grab it and tangle my hands up in it so she couldn't leave me alone (I was totally afraid of the dark). The above picture is of my mom and my sister.

Parents with my half-brother.

Let's not leave out my dad- he was pretty stylin' as well. Check him out. I got his nose.

I like them pretty good. I took a ton of pictures today, but none of them really seemed relevant to life right now, and I don't feel like talking about Valentine's Day. I'm tired!


  1. We have a good family. And I'm one puzzled/cute little kid. Ha.

  2. How cute! Very nostalgic pictures. My mom and dad wore their hair exactly like that, too!

    I have a picture of my dad at 18 (he was 17 when I was born, my mom was 18) wearing this silk-looking peach shirt with big, pointy collar and white pants that are puffy and have kind of quilt stitching. It's hilarious. I hung it in my living room.

    Great pictures, Rebecca! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Liz - aren't pictures like that so much fun? :)


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