Friday, February 6, 2009

i should be packing

Yesterday morning I realized I needed to make a birthday card for my grandma because I was going to lunch with her and some of my aunts. What ensued was about 20 minutes of panic because all of my craft supplies are packed up, and then over an hour of sewing (because my sewing stuff was easily accessible). I made her card entirely of felt. Here are some of the details!

I was really proud of it and I thought she'd like it because she used to sew and quilt a lot. She liked it, but... she didn't really pay attention to it as much as I thought she would- I was sure she'd want to examine the stitches because she was always so precise with hers! She thinks it's 1997, by the way. :(

The above picture is just to show you evidence that I do wear jeans sometimes. Not a whole lot lately - I mostly stay in my pajamas unless I have to go somewhere, and then I prefer to get really dressed up. Is there anything wrong with that? And look at my mess - I swear I didn't put those photo prints there on purpose... they're really just all over the living room. I need to keep packing!

And so you know, that's not just a plain white t-shirt - the sunshine was hiding the design! It has a deer on it. $1 at Buffalo Exchange, thank you. Yes, I pulled it out of the laundry so I could take a detailed picture for you.


  1. That card sounds really sweet.
    I think any time you leave your home is a good excuse to dress up...sometimes I dress up even when I stay in, just to make myself happy. :)

  2. A birthday card you can cuddle! I love it. You really should sell these things.


  3. @ Ms. Clothes Horse - I dress up sometimes for no reason, too! That's when it's best to try out new, adventurous outfits.

    @ Liz - I may try to sell them... It was fairly easy and looked really nice! Definitely way better than a regular birthday card that you can get at any store. :) Thank you!


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