Saturday, June 27, 2009

two new recipes

There are a couple of new recipes up at the hungry lemur! Go check them out and leave comments over there!

We've been eating so many good things lately, and not just sweets. Our CSA share is bulking up now, and we just found out we're about to stop getting beets every week. On one hand it's sad because I actually like beets, but on the other hand... I'm very tired of eating beets every week, so I'm a bit relieved! Either way, I'm very happy with how picking up a bushel of fresh vegetables each week forces us to eat healthier. Really, we can't let these things go to waste!

Oh, and a quick side note: We found a place to buy raw [unpasteurized and unhomogenized] cow's milk! Beginning in July we'll start getting a gallon most weeks - I'm excited! For anyone who's interested in finding a place to buy real milk, go to


  1. I love your new recipes! They coincided with the sweet tooth I've been having lately :)

    The milk sounds interesting... off to check now!♥

  2. I heard raw milk is very creamy and rich. Is that right? If so you're in for a treat I think! What are beets? I often hear US citizens talking about beets but I've never been quite sure what they are...Gorgeous deserts here by the way!

  3. That looks asbolutely amazing! Raw milk huh? I have to admit this is the first time I've really heard of it - you know I'm just so used to the idea that is HAS to be pastuerized. But now I'm intrigued

  4. ive not mentioned anything about the food cause i still havent even made the chinese recipe like i said i would! argh!

  5. i love beets, too but i can see why it may get tiring of trying to be creative with them every week!


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