Monday, June 29, 2009

bubble wrap effect

My best friend [a.k.a. husband] has gone off to work! This is my first day home alone since February-- it's been fairly productive so far! A lot of neglected chores have already been completed. Earlier I was listening to 'Join Hands' by Siouxsie and the Banshees (one of my favorite albums - sample here) on my record player while ironing some clothes. It made me want to be a housewife forever-- I'm only part-time now.

This past weekend ended up being pretty eventful. We got to visit with a few friends and make stops as Cafe Coco, Las Paletas and Grimey's. I have no photos to back up these claims! But here are some pictures I took for the last Souvenir Foto assignment.

The assignment was to take a blurred picture, with one option being to put plastic wrap over the camera lens. That wasn't doing anything too exciting for me, so I decided to try bubble wrap! Though it's tough to get a real subject in the background, I liked the effect this made. Sort of an underwater feel. I used the macro setting so the focus would be on the bubbles. Just a fun little experiment to try!


  1. dude thats cool! turned out really artsy!

  2. Yay for bubble wrap, these photos are gorgeous!!

  3. Really interesting! Sort of dreamy and spacey at the same time! I'd have never of guessed what they were had you not told us! PS: Thank you for the info about beets! I'm pretty sure we don't have them here in Australia!

  4. It does have a nice underwater feel!♥


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