Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Thank you all for the sweet comments on the last post! Everything is still going as planned! Now, maybe you can help me answer the age old question of, "why are all the shoes I love too small for me?"

Both pairs, above and below, are exactly the sort of thing I'd love to be wearing this summer. There's only one problem: they're both a half size too small for me. Isn't that frustrating? Yes, I can make them fit, but it feels incredibly unnatural. So, if you're lucky enough to have magical size 7 feet, you can find them in the shoe section of my Etsy shop! Please, take them away from me so I can get over them!

And now, it's time for me to talk about rabbits again. Look! I was finally able to get a good picture! I don't think I've mentioned it since my last rabbit sighting, but we realized that there are rabbits all over our apartment complex. They come out in the evening and start hopping around between the buildings. It makes me so happy. This guy let me get pretty close before he got incredibly nervous and ran off.

By the way, I apologize for the sporadic posts, the random posts, and the lack of posts lately - but it's clearly an indicator of how scatterbrained I am right now. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself when I'm not busy; it feels like I deserve time to relax and do nothing but read blogs and talk about boring things... I'm sorry I've made you suffer through this! I may indeed be turning into a rabbit.


  1. I wish I knew why shoes are always too small when I want them...I especially hate friends with tiny feet (think size 5) who don't like vintage heels! Life is unjust sometimes...

  2. lol! I believe that it is one of the great mysteries of life! I feel the same way and then I talk to my best friend who wears a size 10-11 and stop talking about the lack of shoes in 8' :0)

  3. the best shoes i ever owned were a pair of red fabric vintage wedge heels. they were a 5.5, and i'm a 7. and yes, i still wore them :(

  4. sorry for not dropping by in so long!

    Ah, I definitely know the feeling. I'm always finding gorgeous shoes that are much too small for my stupid big feet. It's depressing.

    What a great shot of the cute rabbit :)

  5. I just read your post below, and buying a house??? My dream!!! Along with a few other bits and bobs as well. I also have the same problem with shoes - i think vintage people had small everything!

  6. oh how lovely to have little rabbits hoping about!
    no worries about your posts we all get a little side tracked but this is supposed to be a fun thing not a burden so dont worry about it too much!
    hugs to you!

  7. That bunny is adorable Rebecca! How awesome that their everywhere... :)


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