Tuesday, June 2, 2009

this week's finds

Here are the few things I scooped up at Music City Thrift earlier this week. I think I must have bought up all the excellent shoes they had there the first couple of times I visited, because every time I go lately I'm disappointed in the shoe selection. I was intending all of these things for my Etsy shop, but I've been keepsy with certain things lately... so we'll just have to see what stays and what goes!

A wallet for a special Barbara! Definitely will go up for sell, because I'm not very Barbara-y. But I wish I had one that said my name!

This bag is really nice, and I'm a Rebecca Allison! That's the reasoning behind me wanting to keep it, but I may end up selling it because the strap seems a bit short for my liking.

Definitely selling this dress. Size 10, 100% cotton, and so teacher-y! Awesome, aside from some pesky shoulder pads.

Oooh, I like the buttons and the collar and the drop-waist on this. I may hang onto it and see if my mom can help me take it in a little [and possibly shorten it]! Because I really like wearing it, only it sort of hangs on me like a pillow case - and that style is only cute for children.

And this green dress... I was initially excited because it actually fits me (and you know how rare that can be with vintage), but I don't think the color and cut are very much my style, so it will probably go.

It's kind of funny how I started buying stuff for my shop a few months ago with the mindset that "everything must go" even if I LOVED it, and now I'm getting clingy and keeping things for myself. Oh well - it's been beneficial to my wardrobe! I will have most of this stuff posted in my shop either this evening or tomorrow morning!

And quick update on the food blog: it now has a name and a place! the hungry lemur. That name evolved from a combination of our blog names (starving author + baby sloth = starving sloth) which sounded very sad. Hopefully there will be an intro post on the new blog later today, and tomorrow should bring our very first recipe! I'm still trying to get the hang of food photography, which is quite difficult seeing as our kitchen lighting is awful. I must learn a way around that!


  1. I think you should keep the bag. It's cute and looks like it will last you a long time.

  2. lol stasving sloth ok im glad y'all nixed thatone
    thats so fun to find the initals one! cool you'll have to keep it (for a while maybe eh?) yeah i can see how it can be hard to put things in the store! such beautiful things you find!!

  3. i wish my name was barbara!
    i love the way green looks on you!

  4. I love the bag with your initials and the the green dress looks really nice on you!

    Looking forward to the new recipe ideas and blog, the new name is great.xo

  5. The barbara clutch looks very effortless same with the RA bag, the blue dress is to die for if it goes on sale I'll probably buy it.


  6. Thank you for the sweet comment!

  7. Great finds. The bag are so lovely with the names on it. I bet my name wouldn't be that hard to find. =P *

  8. Such sweet finds. I adore the green dress-and the gray one. I wish I was small enough for that green one!

  9. Oooo I do enjoy a nice dropwaisted dress! And I've never ever wanted to be named Barbara until I saw the wee wallet. I don't think you should let the RA bag go! Is the strap too short to even use as a shoulder bag? It's so gorgeous and comes personalised for you!

  10. Hi Rebecca,
    I love the green dress! It looks great on you, too. You should keep it.

    The leather things are beautiful. You could make yourself a wallet like that. Have you tried leather-tooling? It's really easy. You can buy the kits online. They're pretty cheap, all things considered.

    I love your pictures. You're so good at this.



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