Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day!

Today is Father's Day in most countries! I hope everyone remembered to do something for their fathers. In honor of the holiday, here are a couple of my favorite pictures...

Above is a typical picture of my dad in the 70s. What is he doing? We may never know, but it certainly looks exciting! Yes, that table is made from cinder blocks and what is most likely a door.

This picture was taken by my dad the year I was born. On the 4th of July, actually, so my mom was very pregnant with me since I'm an August baby. He used his Minolta XG-1 (which I now own) and did multiple exposures so that he could catch a lot of fireworks at once. This picture isn't the best representation (there's a whole set), but it's the only one I have scanned in. I can also thank my dad for the nifty tripod he let me have, plus a camera bag full of micro and macro lenses which I haven't experimented with enough.

I've got to run off now, but I just wanted to let you all know how cool my dad is. :D Obviously he doesn't look like that anymore and doesn't always act so cool, but he's a pretty great guy and I love him!


  1. Wishing your dad a very Happy Father's day!

    That's such a nice post. What he's doing does look exciting? Was he a musician maybe? That's also a smart way to capture fireworks. I was wondering how he did it before reading the rest of the post.

    Thank you for the nice share... ♥

  2. So terrific! Your Dad looks like he was/is a pretty cool guy. In Australia, we have Father's Day in September! How strange is that?

  3. Dude is that a flipping clarinet?

  4. Aww, happy father's day to you and your dad! That picture of him is so cool.

  5. i hope you had a great father's day! i noticed not a lot of bloggers blogged like they did on mother's day. or they say something bad about their dad's. maybe it's a generational thing??
    glad to see this post!


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