Friday, June 19, 2009

jump start on the weekend

Once again, apologies for my disappearing act and not keeping up with everyone's blog - I've been keeping busy! Here's what I've been doing since Thursday evening.

Photo by Robert, the only one tall enough to see anything.

Thursday evening we went to see Patterson Hood play at Grimey's. He did a short set with songs from his new record, Murdering Oscar, and then he signed stuff and talked to people. Robert was happy about shaking his hand and getting his record signed. That was pretty cute! If you're not aware of Patterson Hood, he's one of the singers for the Drive-By Truckers. Don't worry, I don't like country music. They're more Southern Rock, and they have some really amazing songs... but Robert is the #1 fan in our household. :)

I got a haircut after this picture was taken, so next time you see me it will be shorter!

Today we started (and finished) our apartment search. At the end of July we're going to be moving to a much nicer apartment which is larger and less expensive than where we live now. That's right, we'll be saving money and living in a better place! I'm really excited. The picture above was taken from one apartment that had an amazing view, but in the end we decided against that place.

These sandals are so visually pleasing to me.

Nice surprise in the mail today - my new sandals from lisazain on Etsy. Her shop is filled with amazing shoes! These are the ones I mentioned earlier... I asked if she would be willing to do a trade for something in my shop, and she said yes! I was so happy.

And finally, a recipe for Potato Soup is up on the hungry lemur! If you missed the last one, it was for Kebabs! And if you're lucky, we'll show you how to make graham crackers this week... YUM!


  1. you had an awesome weekend! that soup looks good!

  2. Great shoes and I'm with Diana, that soup looks good! And I have potatoes... maybe I can make it now? Off to see the recipe... :)

    PS. You have another award!xo

  3. Cute sandals. I'm curious to see what your hair looks like now.

  4. The red peeptoe shoes are so cute! It'd be perfect for summer for you. And congratulations on the new apartment find. I wish I could get a deal like that.

  5. oh short hair? cool cant wait to see

  6. yay for getting records signed!
    Your shoes look extra comfy- true?
    yummy looking soup.


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