Thursday, June 11, 2009

quick outfits

It's been a while since I did an outfit post, so I thought I'd just show a couple of things that I wore this week. I've become pretty lazy with how I dress, now that it's warming up! Everything in this first outfit is "new" to me.

Shirt I found in the Girls section of Target (XL!) on clearance for $6 - designed by Masha D'Yans

J.Crew jeans which were about $7 after a 75% sale at a consignment shop

Naturalizer sandals - $1 at an estate sale. So GRANDMA!

To quote Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap, "This is my exact inner structure, done in a tee shirt. Exactly medically accurate. See?"

I really am in love with these sandals because they make my feet look so dainty, but I think they're about a half size too small. I'm going to give them up when I get a chance to list them in my Etsy shop! I've found a nice replacement pair and a trade has been arranged... You'll hear more on that later! I hope everyone is having/has had/will have a lovely Thursday! (I was trying to cover all the time zones in the world - did it work?)


  1. I have that ribcage t-shirt!! :)

  2. That first tee is so fun.
    Also, why are vintage shoes always so dainty? I wish I had tiny feet to match my height!

  3. haha i think you covered them all yes!
    that first tee is way cute and i often look in the kids section for things but man i never have an eye for such finds! im just not good at seeing potential there!!
    have a wonderfully beautiful weekend!

  4. ooo - I loove all of your outfits! They're great! You have amazing style! Great blog!

  5. Lovely outfits.

    I love the two tee's and the Spinal Tap quote!

    Looking forward to hearing about the sandal switch... very interesting? :)

    Wishing you the nicest of weeeknds!♥

  6. Nice outfits , I love your Tshirt !

  7. I was talking about Nigel today, too. And singing "Saucy Jack." Did you see they're putting that on Rock Band? Did it ever seem to you that it was just like the tune to the Grinch song?

  8. That t-shirt is sooo awesome!

    Ha, and I love the use of the Nigel Tufnel quote.

  9. I adore the green skirt with the black top! Such inspiration!
    I love Target. like whoah.


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