Sunday, June 7, 2009

popsicles and stir fry

I'm back! Sort of -- there is so much catching up to do after you have house guests for a few days! I don't have too many exciting pictures from the weekend, but let me make you hungry for a second.

One of the things we had to show my family about Nashville was Las Paletas. The best popsicles ever! And perfectly fitting for the hot weather we had to endure.

I got Chocolate Raspberry.

I didn't find any raspberries until I got to the bottom!

Aside from that, there was a little thrifting and a visit to one amazing estate sale. I won't comment further until I have some pictures to show you... perhaps tomorrow? I also procured a few new outfits - yay!

If you're hungry for something other than dessert, a recipe for Kung Pao Chicken will be up at the hungry lemur very shortly!


  1. That paleta looks delicious! My favorites are usually walnut... did they have walnut? :)

    Looking forward to some Kung Pao instructions... is there a way of making that for vegetarians?

  2. i love those paletas! they were part of my childhood and they are no where here in orange county!
    I can't wait to see what you purchased!

  3. wow! I'm from Nashville... That's one of my favorite places!!! I've never tried the chocolate raspberry though... looks amazing

  4. oh i made waffles over the weekend but didnt get to the pizza yet but the new recipe oh yes that would be fun to do first i think! if i can make some chinese i think i would feel acomplished! i cant ever get chinese right!

  5. You need to stop making me hungry! :)

  6. my best friend keeps telling me about that place! i cant wait to go home and try it!


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