Friday, June 12, 2009

peas in a pod

It's finally Friday! It's been a while since I did a five senses Friday post, so I'm going to do that now! Here are the things I've experienced this past week.

See: Pretty peas in their pods (we got to shell a bunch from our CSA share this week!)

Hear: Quiet (at home), children (at work).

Taste: We had Sauerbraten this week (beef that's been soaked in vinegar with a sauce made from ginger snaps!!!! It sounds disturbing but it was actually pretty good).

Smell: Baking sourdough bread, potatoes frying - just yummy smells coming from the kitchen when Robert's in there.

Touch: Mostly work related this week-- wet paint, dry pottery, variations of wet and dry on my hands as I clean up tables.

Here is the horse my mom painted when she came to visit me at work last week! I'd been eyeing that pony and I knew it's what she would pick!


  1. your csa photos look so delicious! i'm really considering joining. that is an adorable horse and it's more cute that your momma painted it!

    to answer your comment from the library post, you know that electric sensor that no one notices when people enter? it counts the people going in and out. the more traffic for the library, the more money. at the end of the day, my boss and i would run back and forth for a few minutes to get some "extra" visitors! so even if no one can give money, it can be beneficial just being there! :)

  2. Pretty peas! You photographed them quite well; the green is very striking.

    And the fact that your mom painted that cute pony makes it pretty adorable.

    (I was reading Diana's comment above me, and I had no idea about the electric sensors! Damn my limited hands-on library experience!)

  3. Oooh, I love sauerbraten--the smells are so familiar to me. One of the first things my mother did when I came home was to take me to a German restaurant.

  4. I just had some peas in a warm chicken potato salad too! It was smothered in aioli and it was so delicious and sweet.

  5. You really have a way with macro photography, Rebecca. Your pictures are uplifting and often breathtaking.

    Sauerbraten is so good! They served it at a Czech restaurant down the street from where Gary and I lived in South Omaha when we first got married. Great atmosphere, too. (Although the food wasn't exactly healthy LOL)

    Thanks for bringing back those memories. : )


  6. pretty pretty pictures rebecca! love that green color even on my dinky monitor it looks so beautiful!
    haha i read Diana's comment and boy i didnt know that either and now i wonder if my library has people at the end of the night that run back and forth through it too! haha

  7. the peas look so nice and yummy! I love the smell of baking sourdough bread, there are few better scents.

  8. Sounds like a great week... I envy the pony! :)

  9. I love the idea for this post (and those pea photos!) Put me down as a sauerbraten fan, too. The whole crumbled gingersnap thing always seemed weird to me, but who am I to tamper with classic recipes?

  10. tha horse is si cute!


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